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Fashion Under $50: Belted Woven Romper And More.......

              Hello Darlings!! Welcome to Fashion Unwer $50.00, where I share my chic finds of the week with you. Being fabulous does not mean you have to dig a hole in your pocket. It's all about how you look and how confident you are. I am such a big fan of rompers, but I have to admit, not all rompers are created equal. I don't like anything that makes me look shorter than I already  am. This Belted Woven Romber by Forever 21 is my pick for this week. I love the color, the faux leather belt at the waist, and the buttons on the shoulders. The possibilities are endless when it comes to picking the right pair of shoes to wear with this romper. Whether you wear flats, flip flops, or high heels to dress it up a little, you can't go wrong.
Dress it up!

How would you style this Romper?


Wash Day Experience Plus A Much Needed Trim

           So, I decided to trim my hair yesterday. This trim was long overdue because it's been a year since I suffered from the heat damage. I did trim my hair here and there, but I don't think I cut enough hair every time I do it. Don't wait until your hair grows longer to trim it. Split ends need to be taken cared of right away. I got rid of most of the hair that I could see through this time around. It hurt at first, then I realized that I was only getting rid of unhealthy hair. I did a light protein treatment to prep my hair for the trim. I just wanted to make sure that I was not getting rid of over stretched hair.


The Wash Day Experience

{1} I used Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut to detangle and co-wash my hair.

{2} I rinsed my hair and added some Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise to my ends only. I covered my head with a plastic cap + a towel for 15 minutes.

{3} I twisted my hair and trimmed as needed after I rinsed the deep conditioner out.

{4} I applied Jojoba oil to my hair after the trim, followed by Giovanni Direct Leave-in Conditioner.

{5} I had to use my Carrot oil on my scalp again. I try to do it every time I wash my hair to avoid a dry scalp.

          I am so glad I trimmed my hair. It looks and feel healthier. Now if only I could stay away from any kind of heat! I think I can do it if nothing important comes up, like a wedding or something. My wash day went pretty well. How was yours?


Outfit Of The Week:: All That Glitter Is Not Gold

              Hello Everyone! I did a little something different with the hair today. I got it all curled up. My hair does not hold curls for a long time, and the humidity does not help either. I was shocked that those curls lasted as long as they did. I love my hair like this, but I love rocking my twists more.  Today's outfit is a little complicated because I am wearing a necklace.  I am not crazy about jewelry, but I am a big necklace fan. Necklaces have the power to either make or break your outfit. The skirt that I am wearing came straight from my sister's closet. I love the shiny gold tone. The shoes almost came from her closet too, except that they never made it there. I bought the shoes for her birthday, but luckily for me, they did not fit her. I love those shoes, but they are at least 5" high. They have both gold and silver glitters. They will soon be in my Ebay store when I have time to post them. I only wore them that one day only. So they are like new. Anyway, I hope you enjoy those pictures and get inspired somehow, because you inspire me all the time.


Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum REVIEW

            I am getting just a little bit obsessed with Garnier products. I fell in love with the first Garnier product that I used and now I cannot stop buying them. I first learned about Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum from an O magazine. They were talking about natural hair, and this product was one of the products that they recommended for naturally curly hair. This serum works by reducing (not eliminating) frizz and dryness. It promises to "control frizz even in 97% humidity." Keep reading to find out what I think.

Product Information

          The Garnier Fructis Anti-Frizz Serum helps to reduce frizz and dryness to make your hair more manageable. Just dab the anti-frizz serum on wet hair and then blow dry to tame your hair and give it a great shine. Formulated with Moroccan Argan oil and apricot, this Garnier Sleek & Shine Serum controls frizziness even in 97-percent humidity. Enriched with nutritive fruit micro-oils, the hair styling serum works on your hair from root to tip.
Garnier Sleek Shine Anti Frizz Serum, 5.1 fl oz. :
  • For frizzy, dry, unmanageable hair
  • Argan oil from Morocco and apricot

  •  My Opinion
    • Affordable ( $4.97)
    • Wonderful Apricot scent
    • Lightweight 
    • Excellent Anti-Frizz
    •  none
    The bottom line 

              My hair was a frizzing mess until I started using this product. I was actually shocked at how well it worked because these glossing polishes usually don't work on my super thick 4c hair. The serum was the first thing that I applied to my hair after I washed  it. I added a little bit of Jojoba oil, followed by Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-in Conditioning Cream. I noticed that my  hair felt softer, shinier, and my curls lasted longer. My curls used to turn into a big Afro before trying this product. Now they stay in place. My only problem with this particular product is that it can get really messy if you use too much. It is a great investment for people who suffer from dry, frizzy hair.

    Have you heard of this product before?

    Fitness Friday: How I Make My Salted Cod Fish

                Hello Everyone! I know I am not the best cook in the world, but I know among the things that I enjoy doing are cooking, reading, and writing. Maybe not in that order, but you get the point. I had fun making one of my favorite Haitian dishes a few days ago, and it is my pleasure to share the recipe with you. Dried Salted Cod Fish is very popular in our country. We cook it like we cook any other fish, but we don't let it marinade for a long time like we do with fresh fish. I love to eat it with rice and peas for dinner, but since I made it for lunch, I went for something lighter. It only takes a few minutes to get this meal ready and it is delicious.

    It's Fitness Friday, my friends. Copy your best fitness link  and come hang out with us.

    Fitness Friday

     You will need:

    Salted Cod Fish 
    Fresh Parsley 
    2 Tbsps tomato paste
    1 tsp Seasoning powder of your choice ( Goya seasoning is fine)
    1 Tsp pure olive oil
    2 cups water
    1/2 Medium onion (sliced)
    1 pinch Cayenne Pepper


            Soaking your fish in plain water overnight is recommended to get rid of some of the salt. Rinse your fish the next day. Add some lime juice, plus Cayenne pepper and seasoning powder. The lime juice gets rid of the fish smell and adds flavor. On medium heat, add oil, tomato paste, and 1/2 cup water in a frying or sauce pan to dissolve the paste. Add the remaining water to the pan. Let it boil for a few minutes before adding the fish to the gravy. Add the onion slices after the fish is fully cooked. I ate my fish with cooked green bananas, but sweet potatoes are wonderful choices, too. 

    From my kitchen to yours, Bon Appetit!


    Win $1,000 From One Step Ahead + Year's Supply of Purex Baby Laundry Products

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