Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing only to have it hanging in your closet because you have no idea what to pair it with? So was my experience with this knitted top. Every time I tried to pair it with something,  all I saw was the neck getting longer and longer. But it definitely met its match when I brought this ruffled shirt home. I took advantage of the warm weather and wore my Capri pants again. They will find themselves folded and resting during the winter months.  I was in such a hurry to get the pictures taken that I forgot to wear earrings. But you already know that I am not big on jewelry and makeup. I hope you like the look that I put together.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

             If you do a search on Google for Two-strand twists, you will find over 1 million results. The reason is because it is such a universal hairstyle. Not only that, it is also a versatile hairstyle.  It is one of the few hairstyles that allows you to create many other styles. I love it because it is a great protective style and it makes wearing my hair down easy. As much as I love this hairstyle, I have to admit that it has its downside. If it's not done properly, two-strand twists can damage your hair instead of protecting it. I learned the hard way. But now you can learn from my mistakes.

Five Ways Two-strand Twists Can Damage Your Hair

{1} Twisting your ends to tight: Avoid twisting your ends too tight; that can result in overstretched hair. And overstretched hair will definitely lead to split ends,  and eventually breakage. Make sure you pay close attention to where your natural hair ends while twisting it to avoid causing damage to your ends.

{2} Pulling on your edges: I have tried to regrow my edges so many times that I lost count. Being gently on your edges should be your number one priority when twisting your hair. Instead of starting the twists from the roots/scalp when I get closer to my edges, I start with 3-strand braids first, then twist when I get to about 1-inch.

{3} Borrowing hair from the sister strand: It's hard not to borrow when doing a two-strand twist. But, borrowing when you get to the end of the twist can lead to breakage when trying to untwist the hair. Make sure each strand is the same length before you start twisting. Or, be very careful when taking down the twists.

{4} Using too much hair: I have mentioned here a few times that synthetic hair is unforgiving. Using too much of it to twist your own hair is like creating a barrier between your hair and the moisture that needs to get to it. Using the right amount of hair makes it easy to use plain water or a spritz to moisturize your hair.

{5} Not washing the twists properly: Keeping the twists on for too long is not really a problem, but not washing them properly is. The longer you have the twists on, the more dirt, fibers caught from your pillow, oil, and other buildups are stored between the strands. These residues can create knots that make it hard to remove the twists. Washing the twists with a conditioner that provides slip at least once a week helps soften any residue left between the strands. Using warm water to rinse the hair also helps in removing buildups and keeping the hair knot-free.

         If you follow all these tips, your two-strand twists will protect your hair instead of damaging it. Did I miss anything? Please share your tips with us!

The Wash Day Experience

Product Description

             Dryness and breakage prevent healthy looking hair growth. To help ensure your hair has a fighting chance against daily styling stresses use Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner to help strengthen, rebuild, protect and hydrate. Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner allows you to embrace more versatile styling options, while protecting your hair from the inside out. To achieve softer, more defined curls, healthier looking elongated coils and simply silky smooth hydrated hair use this feather lite deep penetrating conditioner.

About the Product

  • Feather lite deep penetrating conditioner conditioner formulated to strengthen, rebuild, protect and hydrate hair
  • Achieve softer, more defined curls, healthier looking elongated coils and simply silky smooth hydrated hair
  • Enriched with Aloe Vera, Coconut, Olive, Soy, Argan Oil, Shea and Mango Butter
  • Help control damage and add brilliant shine
  • For curly, wavy, kinky-coily, and frizzy hair textures
Aqua, Glycine Soja Oil/Soybean Oil, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Argania Spinosa Nut Oil/Argan Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil/Coconut Oil, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil/Olive Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Fruit/Shea Butter, Mangifera Indica Seed Butter/Mango Butter, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract/Rosemary Extract, Dimethicone, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract/Aloe Vera, Phenyl Trimethicone, Panax Ginseng Root Extract/Ginseng Extract, Polyquaternium 37, Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate/ Dicaprate, Steareth 2, Steareth 20, Lanolin, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Polysorbate 20, DMDM Hydantoin, CI 15985/Yellow 6, Parfum/Fragrance, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, Coumarin, d-Limonene, Hexyl Cinnamal, Lyral, Methyl Ionone Gamma.

 My opinion

  • Very light texture
  • Easily penetrates the hair
  • Adds shine
  • Strengthens the hair
  • Affordable
  • Nicely packaged
  • NO "Intense moisture"

              My problem with this product is that it left my ends very dry. My hair did not feel moisturized at all. It left my hair feeling very crunchy the next day. I had to co-wash my hair again, in an attempt to fix the problem. The product being "feather lite" is true. My hair absorbed it very quickly. It felt so light under my fingers that I felt the need to add more. But the more I added, the more my hair was taking in, mostly the ingredients that strengthen the hair. I did get a little shine after using the product. I love the fruity/peachy scent. I paid about $9 on amazon for a 15-ounce jar. I think the price is pretty good.

The bottom line

         If your hair is already prone to breakage as a result of protein overload/sensitiviy, stay away from this product. It will only make it worse. But I strongly recommend this product for women with loose curls when a light protein treatment is required. If your hair is relaxed, or color treated, you can also benefit from its goodness. BUT, it did not work for my 4c hair. 
Those boots

          Hello loves!! This is a quick outfit post. It is still warm enough to wear cut-out boyfriend jeans. Some of them can be worn even during the winter.  Those Timberland boots really caught my eyes. I remember how I could not get enough of the original  yellow Timberland boots. At first I thought they were men boots, but after they got me through several snow storms back in NY, I fell in love with them. These, with the platform heels, look great with the jeans and the shirt. The scarf and the tartan inserts on the boots add flavor to the outfit.

So casual
              A blanket cardigan is a must-have for this season. I love the fringe details. And I am in desperate need for a good one. I love this outfit for a trip to the movies.

What do you think?

           If hair care is a multi-billion dollar business in Africa, then it is definitely a few hundred-dollar deficit in my house. I swear am almost certain that I spend more money on hair extensions than I do on clothes and wine combined. The reason is just because extensions keep my hair protected longer. And because of my work, I don't have time to be touching my hair everyday now. A little moisturizing by spraying the hair with my mist  is all I get to do these days. So on Tuesday, I went to the store and got me a few packages of this Femi Collection 100% Kanekalon Hair. The length really caught my attention. The price was rather low - $8.99 each- but the quality was softer than I am used to. Instead of giving you a boring report on my wash day, I will share with you how I installed these twists.

    The Wash Day Experience
  1.  I co-washed the hair the night before, moisturized it,  and sealed it. 
  2. Since my natural hair was still soft the next morning, I sectioned it in two from the crown. I also cut the extensions in two. 80 inches were way too long for me.
  3. I started from the back to the front. I decided to go with medium twists in the back and the front. I started out by braiding the part first, then twisted the hair  when I got to about an inch.
  4. when I got closer to the crown, I did cornrows instead of braids because my fingers were getting tired. I started doing braids and twists again when I got closer to the front.
Hair of the week


             These are my results! I think this hair will be perfect for crochet braids. It is less kinky than the regular Marley hair. Another important aspect about it is that the curl patterns does not change as quickly as the Marley hair. But no matter how you flip it, it is still synthetic hair. The shine will not go away. And synthetic hair can be very unforgiving. It is hard to get moisture to your own hair when using synthetic hair. I hope to use it again to create different hairstyles with my hair. Have you purchased any clips, wigs, or weaves lately?

                Not every bride is lucky enough to walk into a bridal shop and comes out with the first dress she tries on. But that was my story 10 years ago. It makes me feel so old when I put it that way. Just like most little girls, my wedding dress was already designed and stored in my head. All I had to do was meeting it in person. But what if  after visiting almost every bridal shop in town, you still can't find a dress that describes exactly the picture that you have in mind? More and more brides are opting for buying their wedding dresses online these days.  While it is easy to find beautiful and inexpensive dresses online, it is hard to find a website that you can trust when it comes to finding the most important item for that memorable day. Let's face it, you are taking a big risk by buying a wedding dress online. Number one, you cannot feel the fabrics. Number two, you cannot try the dress on. And number 3, you can't be 100% sure that the color you are ordering is the exact color that you will be getting. On the other hand,  buying your dress online can come with great benefits, like a wide variety of dresses to choose from,  full customization, and better deals than actually walking into a store. Below are a few things that you need to remember when buying a wedding dress online.
Size chart and body type
          Have your measuring tape handy and be ready to compare your results to the company's size chart.  Planning a wedding can be stressful. And our bodies react differently to stress. Some of us eat more when we are stressed out, while others eat less. So, your dress might be either too big or to small a week before the wedding. Not all body shapes are created equal. You need to consider a dress that will flatter your figure. What you see on the model might surprise you when you try it on. Also, don't forget to leave room for alteration when ordering your size.

Return policies and shipment
             Fine prints are annoying.  But, the information is very important. You need to know if the company is responsible for shipping back to their location, and how long you have to return the package once received.  Shopping for your wedding dress early is important if you want to get the  product on time. It also gives you plenty of time to return it. You also need to know if you will get a full or a partial refund if you follow the company's guidelines regarding refunds and returns.

          Before contacting customer service, read their Frequently Asked Questions page. That page usually answer questions that customers like you want answers to. 

Customer service
               Take advantage of their customer service to ask important questions. Does the fabric stretch? What different colors does the dress come in? Can the dress be customized to fit my frame? These are some of the questions you should ask.

Reviews and testimonials
              Companies encourage clients to leave a feedback for two reasons. First, they want to know how they are doing. And second, they want regular people like you to share their shopping experiences with other buyers.  I do most of my clothes shopping online. Needless to say that reading reviews before buying a product or trusting a website is very important to me. So, remember to read reviews and what other customers have to say about the website.
             Once you have a clear picture of the dress that you want to wear, arm yourself with a good credit card and the tips mentioned above, and your shopping experience should be a stress-free one.

*This post is sponsored by http://www.promtimes.co.uk/.
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            Howdy y'all! Wednesday night was date night. My husband normally gives me an hour to get ready when we are going out. Since we had a fall weather outside, I decided to get dressed early and have some pictures taken. I surprisingly put this outfit together in less than 15 minutes. The weather was warm enough for sandals and a light jacket. We stopped by O'charley's to grab something to eat at around 5:00 PM. After dinner,  I told my husband that it would be a good idea to just get lost in Atlanta. We got on the highway and took the exit to 16th street. We made a first right, then a second right that took us straight to IKEA's  parking lot. I did not realize we were there until I looked up and saw the big sign. We got so exited that we went it. A date that ended with a little shopping was all a girl could ask for. And what a wonderful way to say goodbye to summer!

Have a wonderful weekend, loves!!

             Hello Darlings! Today's post is about hair accessories. With fall fashion comes lots of ornaments for our hair. Well,  if it is the lady that makes the dress, then it is definitely the accessories that make the hair. Both fashion designers and hairstylists made that very clear during fashion week. From France to Milan, and from Chanel to Marc Jacobs, nothing caught our attention more than those breathtakingly beautiful hair accessories. The floral hair accessories remind me of brooches. They transform the hairstyle by adding both softness and innocence, just like brooches add life to any piece of clothing. I am totally in love with them!

 Fall 2015 Hair Accessory Trends

Leather Hair Accessories

Jewelled Clips and Barrettes

Minimalist Hair Ties

Slim and Monochromatic Hair Ornaments

Floral Hair Accessories


Do you have any favorites yet??

             Fashion has changed  since the late 17th century. From luxury wear to mainstream and discounted clothing, both big and small companies are working hard to bring us the best that fashion has to offer today.   They sketch dresses and create trends that redefine our wardrobes seasons after seasons. I was contacted by handpicklooks.com to share with you their 2016 prom dress collection. After visiting their website and saw what they had to offer, I decided to collaborate with them and show you some of my favorite dresses from their collection. My love for 1960s fashion led both my eyes and heart to these dresses. Check them out below!

Princess floor-length Tulle Scoop Neck Appliques Lace Prom Dress

A-line Sweep Train Tulle Scoop Neck Beading Prom Dress

Princess Asymmetrical Satin Tulle Scoop Neck Beading Prom Dress

             The company is located in Canada, where they create beautiful dresses for special occasions while specializing in both semi-formal attire and formal wear. Their vision is to create dresses that women will feel both comfortable and glamorous in. They provide a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from. Their dresses range from floor-length to knee-high length, allowing you to pick the right dress for your particular taste. How sophisticated you want to look is up to you, because  each dress was created with  lots of details and precision. The company carries sizes 2-24W, an indication that they create each dress with different body types in mind. By looking at those dresses, you can tell that making sure you get your money's worth is one of their top priorities. They also provide a sizing chart to help you find the right size for your frame. They offer different shipping options to satisfy everyone's preference. They also make their returns and shipping policies very clear for each customer.

               A special occasion like a prom is an opportunity to fall in love with fashion all over again. It allows you to have fun while wearing a comfortable piece of clothing. So, picking the right garment is important. Ask yourself if the dress you pick today can be worn 5 years from now. Can it be altered without completely change the shape of the dress? Think about the amount of money you are willing to spend for such dress. The quality of the fabrics also plays a big role in the decision making process.  But what's equally important,  is establishing a good relationship with a company that you know you can trust. Check out their new 2016 prom dresses and let me know what you think!

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Product Description

Vivant Skin Care Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream hydrates your eyes while reducing puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. It is formulated to soften and nourish the delicate skin around the eyes. Healing properties keep the eye area looking brighter and firm.

About the Product

  • Softens and firms fine lines
  • Brightens dark circles
  • Reduces puffiness
Grape Seed Oil, Glycerin, Palmitoyl Oligopeptides, Retinyl Propionate, Kojic Acid, Oat Protein, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Caffeine

Start usage every other day by applying to eye area. As the skin accommodates, increase the
application to every day.

Price: $57.50

                I am not big fan of youth creams. I think they are a complete waste of money, because you have to keep buying them to get rid of winkles that will keep coming back. But what does one do when the people who created this product contacts her to review an eye rejuvenation cream? Curiosity took over me and I said yes. But when I told my husband that I was reviewing an eye rejuvenation cream, his response was, "How?" What do you mean how? I try it. I take pictures. Then I share my experience with my readers! He looked at me and said, "Don't you have to have wrinkles to try an eye rejuvenation cream?" I said thanks for the compliment, honey; but your wife does have wrinkles. Maybe if he made me smile more often, he would see my wrinkles. Lol!

My opinion
               Vivant Skin Care Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream has a very thick consistency. It is a light pink cream that comes in a small plastic container with a pump dispenser that releases the right amount of cream when pressed correctly. It has a light scent, and it does not irritate the eyes, nor the skin.  I started using it every morning as part of my skin care routine.  But,  now I use it both in the morning and at night before going to bed. My skin absorbed the product very quickly, and it did not feel greasy at all.

             This is the right side of my face in both pictures. The before picture was taken on August 28th. And the after picture was taken on September 20th. I flipped the one on the right so they could face each other. It is still a little bit too early for me to see big results with this product. From what I see in the pictures, I can tell that my skin is a little tighter. It feels softer and tighter, too. The lines are getting smaller.  And the puffiness from under my eyes has reduced.  It looks like it is shrinking.  I cannot really say much about dark circles under my eyes because I rarely see those. The fact that the cream itself is not greasy is a big plus for me because I have oily skin.
  • I love the packaging. The pump dispenser makes it easy to get just the amount you need.
  • Reduces wrinkles and puffiness
  • Softens the skin
  • Lightly scented
  • Causes no skin irritations, nor watery eyes
  • Non-greasy
  • It took me weeks to see slight improvements
  • No visible signs of brightness
  • I really want to say not enough product for the money, but a little bit goes a long way. Your view might be different from mine.
The bottom line

              I do believe in the efficacy of this product when it comes to removing fine lines and reducing puffiness. I also believe that I have not used this product long enough to see major improvements. I will definitely update this review with more before and after pictures. I hope the fine lines in the corner of my eyes disappear before the cream itself disappears from the bottle. I think that this product can be used safely on even sensitive skin, as long as you focus on your problem areas. I just started to use the product around the corner of my nose and the areas around my mouth where I have been seeing parenthesis recently. I guess turning 38 can do that to ya! Do give this product a try if you are as curious as I was!

Click here if you want to check out this product
Click here if you want to learn more about Vivant Skincare products.

*PR sample* The opinions expressed here are mine, and mine only.

Product Description:

FRESCHETTA BRICK OVEN® Zesty Italian Style Supreme

Our Zesty Italian Style Supreme Pizza not only looks amazing with its colorful edge to edge
toppings, it delivers on the premium taste you've come to expect from Freschetta pizzas. With loads of pepperoni, hand pinched Italian style sausage, red, green and yellow peppers, red onion and mozzarella, this pizza is sure to win rave reviews. Try it on the grill!

 Cooking instructions: 

Keep pizza frozen prior to baking.
For Crispier Crust:
1.  Preheat oven to 400°F.
2.  Remove the pizza from box and overwrap. Place pizza directly on center oven rack.
3.  Bake for 15 to 19 minutes
For Softer Crust:
1.  Preheat oven to 425°F.
2.  Remove the pizza from the box and over wrap.
3.  Place the pizza on pizza pan on the bottom oven rack. Bake for 17 to 21 minutes.
Refrigerate or discard any unused portions.
Due to oven variances, cooking times may require adjustment. Best results when one pizza is baked at a time.



My Experience

               If you are a big pizza lover, you know you cannot just eat one slice and go. We don't keep pizza in the freezer for this reason. When the opportunity came for me to try a new brick oven pizza by Freshetta, my first reaction was curiosity. I wanted to know what's so good about this frozen pizza. Well,  my experience with Freshetta was a good one. Last Sunday after church, I stopped by the store and picked up the one with Italian sausage, pepperoni, and a variety of vegetables. I heated the oven to 400 degrees,  laid the pizza flat on the middle rack, and let it cooked for about 18 minutes. My nephew had baseball practice and we wanted to feed him before leaving the house. We all like this pizza. From the meats,  the vegetables, to the last piece of crust, everything tasted so fresh.  Did I taste the "Brick Oven Crust"? Yes, I did! 
While the amount of fat was comparatively low, I found the pizza to be too salty. 780 micro-grams of salt is a lot of salt. Both my husband and my son thought that the amount of salt was just right.  I was also given two coupons to share with friends, and they liked it to. My daughter can't have pizza because she is allergic to both dairy and wheat, but my son really enjoyed it. 

              I think this  a pizza that you can keep in your freezer for a quick after school snack or a quick bite before practice.  Portion control is very important when it comes maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As for me? I'm not a big fan of frozen food. But if you are, the freshness of this pizza is worth every penny.  Have you tried this pizza before?