Happy hump day everyone!! I am so happy I get to see another day.
This post was inspired by the sister in my head and my dear blogger friend, Ms Neti!  I am thinking about having a so very thankful tag  next year. If any of you is interested, we can all link our posts. I wake up every morning thanking God for his mercy, blessings, and protection.  This year I am thankful for all the things that I was thankful for last year.....and then some.

I am so very thankful for...........

1. Being able to breathe on my own.

2.Having blog sisters and friends.

3.Having people that I still can trust and count on.

4.Being able to help others.

5.Having both my parents alive and well.

6.Having hair that I can blog about.

7.Being able to forgive others.

8.Not being on any medications.

9.Having a roof over my head and living in a safe neighborhood.

10.Being able to find joy in the smallest things.

11.Having a wonderful husband and two awesome children.

12.Being able to admire the best in people and accept the worse.

13.Having the courage to tell truth even when it hurts.

14.Having access to free books.

15.Feeling younger than  I actually  am.

               It's easy to assume that most women know what co-washing is because more and more women are doing it. Co-washing, (Conditioner Only Wash) is the process of eliminating shampoo when washing the hair. Shampoos contain harsh chemicals like sulfate that can strip the hair from its natural oil. The overuse of shampoo can also lead to dry scalp,  split ends,  and frizz.  As a woman with coarse, dry hair, co-washing has been good to me. But to tell you the truth, I don't like the idea of using a conditioner only to wash my hair. Co-washing once a week is the most I can do. I mostly co-wash my hair after a workout or if the hair feels a little dry between washes. And when I do wash with shampoo, I prep my ends with a regular conditioner and wash the scalp with a regular moisturizing shampoo  mixed with tea tree and peppermint oils, plus a little bit of water. This way I don't have to worry about my ends getting too dry.
It is obvious that if you have straight, oily hair, co-washing won't do you any good. Only a good moisturizing shampoo can take care of this problem. Using a sulfate-free shampoo might also work for you. While washing your hair with a conditioner only can benefit your strands, it can also be a disadvantage if not done properly or too often.

The pros and cons of co-washing your hair

  • Lessens frizz and dryness
  • Helps with oil retention 
  • Adds hydration
  • Contains no sulfate
Co-washing helps with oil retention because, as mentioned above, it does not strip the hair from its natural oil. It actually adds oil to your hair and helps keep it hydrated. Conditioners contains no sulfate, which result in the hair looking shinier and healthier. Co-washing also fights dryness and helps the hair stay soft and frizz-free.

  • Costly
  • Shedding, itching, and stickiness
  • Over conditioning the hair
  • Adds extra oil to the hair
Due to the fact that most conditioners only contain a small amount of gentle cleansers, a generous amount of conditioner is required to get you a good clean. While a little bit of shampoo is all you need to achieve clean hair and scalp. Co-washing your hair more than once a week may result in you spending more money on hair conditioners, too. 

Clean scalp means healthy scalp. Not using a clarifying shampoo at least once a month can result in product buildups and shedding. You know it's time for a clarifying shampoo when the hair starts feeling sticky and your scalp starts itching.  A clarifying shampoo is also important if you use silicone base conditioners to co-wash your hair. You will need a good clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner to remove a none-water soluble silicone from the hair strand.

The whole idea of ditching shampoo is to help the hair retain moisture. But keep in mind that there is such a thing as too much moisture. If your hair feels spongy or mushy, it's time to stop co-washing  and go back to adding some protein back into your hair regimen.

Most conditioners contain oils because their job is to add softness to the hair after shampooing. If your hair is already oily, then co-washing is not for you. It will only cause more product buildups and leave you with oily hair.

In conclusion,  you should keep the focus on your ends when co-washing your hair. Conditioners don't contain enough cleaning ingredients to thoroughly clean your scalp, especially if you use heavy creams and oils on your hair.   Limit the amount of time you co-wash your hair, as co-washing your hair too often can lead to product buildups and shedding.

 What is your view on ditching shampoo and co-washing the hair?
            Happy Friday Dolls! This a quick post to accept  the SISTERHOOD OF THE WORLD BLOGGERS AWARD from  http://www.wendeeisaacs.com. Thanks for the nomination, Wendee! This is one of my favorite blog awards because of what it stands for. I am happy to be in your circle!

The rules of the award are as follows:
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you linking back to their site.
  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions sent to you.
  • Nominate five blogs.
  • Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
This award is way for your readers to know more about you and a way to make new friends.

10 Questions from Wendee

1. Describe yourself in one word 

2. What is your favorite quote?
"Don't let anybody upset you. They are powerless. Your reaction is their only power. "
3. What are your 3 must-have items when traveling?
Camera, Credit Card, Comfortable Shoes.
4.What is your favorite beauty product?
5. Who is your inspiration?
My mother.
6. Your top 3 TV shows
1.  How to get away with murder
2. Scandal
3. Blindspot
7. What is your favourite lipstick shade?
8. What superpower would you rather have?
Being invisible
9. What is your favorite color?
10. Which is your favorite, curly hair or straight hair?
Curly hair

My nominees

1. Uzoma              http://donttouchthehair.com/
2. Tomes             http://tomesedition.blogspot.com/
3. Candice           http://myhealthyhairdiary.blogspot.com/
4. SD                      http://accordingtosd.blogspot.com/
5. Andrea            http://lengtheninglocks.blogspot.com/

Here are my questions:

1.  What country are you originally from?

2. What's the best book you've ever read?

3. Would you rather have more shoes or handbags?

5. Do you prefer pants or skirts?

6. What is your  beauty secret?

7. What is your favorite hobby?

8. What is one hair product you cannot live without?

9. Would you rather work from home or commute?

10. What is your favorite reality show?

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!!

            We are finally out of the cold zone. It seriously felt like winter this past weekend. They called it a cold front. I call it an indication of  what winter will be like.  I totally see snow in Georgia's future.  How are you today? I hope the week is going great for you so far. I love days when I don't have to do much to my hair. There are days when my hair needs a protein treatment, followed by a deep moisturizing treatment, a coffee rinse, leave-ins............heavy breathing. I am glad this was not the case  for this wash day.  My wash day was very quick and easy.
              I have become quite fond of creating different hairstyles on myself. If you have a Pinterest board with lots of hairstyle pictorials, I am sure you feel me on this one. The best part about creating these styles is sharing them with you. A great hairstyle is like success. What's the point of having it if you don't have someone to share it with?  I am so happy that you are my someone!

    The Wash Day Experience
  • I did a quick co-wash with Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner because my scalp was not dirty and my hair did not feel sticky.  It just felt a little dry.
  • Deep conditioned overnight with Aussie. I must say that the moisture level was higher, but all I needed was about 5 minutes. 
  • Rinsed the hair in the morning. I added a generous amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the hair before applying my leave-in conditioner. Next time I will just mix them up and use head to help the mix penetrate the hair shaft faster. Cantu Shea Butter creams have a tendency to sit on top of my strands. 
  • I twisted the hair and styled it the next day. 

Hair of the week 

               Although I have a head full of hair as a result of taking biotin,  I had to add a few pieces of Marley hair to add fullness. It  sounded like you just read a full disclosure, right?  I don't want to leave you in the dark! How was your wash day? I want to know. Even if you wash your hair every other day!
Extra virgin Olive oil

                 It is no secret that I love me some EVOO. To me it is the perfect oil when the hair feels a little thirsty. I call it hair food  because you can see and feel the difference right after applying it to your hair. It makes the hair bouncy by providing elasticity. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in biotin, niacin, vitamins A and E, and antioxidants. It is naturally gluten free and contains no harmful substances. Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used to tame frizz, treat dandruff and moisturize the scalp, moisturize dry hair, and mend damaged hair. No wonder ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Phoenicians used it to moisturize their skin and condition their hair. Extra Virgin Olive oil is found in many commercial beauty products because of its conditioning properties. There are different ways you can use this Mediterranean fruit oil on your hair to keep it both healthy and shiny.

1. Hot oil treatment: The purpose of a hot oil treatment is to help retain the moisture obtained after washing the hair. Whether your hair is damaged due to using hot tools or chemicals on your hair, this treatment will help repair the damage and prevent split ends.

2. Dandruff treatment: Using too much sulfate shampoo on the scalp can result in the scalp being dry and flaky. Using some warm EVOO mixed with peppermint oil can help soften the dead skin and provide the scalp the necessary nutrients it needs to shed the dead skin. If the dandruff is due to a medical problem, contact your doctor. Extra virgin olive oil by itself may not cure the disease.

3. Scalp massage:  Mixing Extra Virgin Olive Oil with other carrier oils like grape seed oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil can promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp and increasing blood flow. 

4. Pre-shampoo treatment: If sulfate shampoos have been harsh on your hair and salp lately, you can apply some Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your hair before shampooing it. That will lessen the effects of the chemicals on your hair's natural oil. Or you can add 1-2 tablespoons of EVOO to your shampoo to speed up the process if you are in a hurry.

5. Leave-in moisturizer: The best way to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a leave-in moisturizer is to apply it while the hair is still damped. It will add moisture to the hair while nourishing it and keeping it healthy.

6. Deep conditioner: Add EVOO to a few drops of honey during the cold months and use it as a deep conditioner when you need extra moisture.

7. Oil rinse: Oil rinsing is like a hot oil treatment, but you don't have to warm the oil when doing an oil rinse. It is done immediately after shampooing the hair to make up for the oil lost during the washing process. An oil rinse can be done before conditioning or deep conditioning the hair.

8. Sealant: To keep dry hair moisturized, section your hair, spray each section with some water, then add a generous amount of EVOO to each section of the hair to lock the moisture in. Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains fatty acids that coat the hair shaft to keep it healthy and protected.

            Only one or two of these tips should be done during one wash day. Keep in mind that too much of a good thing can also be a bad thing. Drenching your hair with Extra Virgin Olive Oil will not result in overnight cure if your hair is severely damaged. Having Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your kitchen is not only good for cooking or making delicious salad dressings. It is also good for your overall well being.


             Hello Darlings!! It is the end of another week. What did I do differently this week? Well, thanks for asking! I called a friend whose grandmother had died. I worked out until my bones hurt to shed the summer pounds. And, I walked into a police station. It was one of those criminal background checks that I needed to get done for my job hunt. Don't worry, there was no record. Lol!
             I was cleaning out my closet the other day and I found this black peasant shirt-dress that I bought about two years ago. The tag is still attached to it. I mean it when I tell you that I don't go out much. Remember Miss Tina's collection for Walmart? This is one of the dresses. I am so in love with the material. It has a silky feel to it. The elbow sleeves are convertible, which I also like. The best part about it is that it only cost me about $18.00. I paired it with my old Guess shoes for a finished black and white look. Check it out below!

            Sorry about my assets. I just wanted to show you how the dress looks in  the back. Lol! Spread a little love this weekend. It's free! I will be visiting your blog to see what I have missed. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

            Hello loves!! How is your week going so far? We finally got a break from the rain here in Georgia. Today was a good day to get some pictures taken for Friday's post.  I am back with my wash day result and hairstyle of the week. I am loving my Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle a little too much. It makes wash day more enjoyable, I tell ya! My hair is doing great so far without the added protein treatment. It feels strong and it is not breaking as much. No excessive shedding either. I will continue to stay away from protein treatment until I really need it. Now let's see how my wash day went!!

Wash day experience
1. I used extra virgin olive oil to pre-shampoo my hair.
2. I did a quick wash using Shealicious  sulfate free shampoo. When I realized that the shampoo was not doing anything to remove the oil, I added Tresemme moisture rich shampoo to get the job done.
 3. I used my little Aussie 3 Minute Miracle to deep condition my hair with heat for about 10 minutes.  

4. My hair looked so soft and shiny after I rinsed the Aussie conditioner out. 5. I added a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil to my hair while it was still damped, followed by Cantu argan oil leave-in conditioner. I breaded the hair and went to bed.

Hair of the week

My wash day was a bliss. My hope is to have more wash days like this one. I hope yours was great too.

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            Happy Monday Everyone! Welcome to my first Fall giveaway! As so many of you already know, Fall is my favorite season. And fall fashion just melts my heart. I love the boots, the layering of different pieces, and of course the hairstyles that go with the outfits. To celebrate my favorite season, I'm giving away a $50  Nordstrom E-gift Card!  Their E-gift cards can be redeemed online, at their stores, or over the phone.
         If I had to use only three words to describe November, I would say deep-into-fall! The weather feels different, and the leaves are falling like crazy. And don't forget the rain and the bad storms. But we can walk our way through the rain and the bad storms by creating outfits that makes us feel warm and comfortable. Below are my fall must-haves for this year. Don't you just love Retro fashion? It is good to see that some of the things that we admired years ago are coming back. But did they really leave? I mean, your closet? I know I have two wide belts from years ago.  And,  one brooch!

Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Capes & Ponchos

Capes and Ponchos are great ways to add an extra layer to your outfit to keep you warm. They are comfortable and easy to take off.  I had my eyes on the one pictured above until it disappeared from the eshakti website. I am sending all kind of winks to eshakti right now. I hope one of them is reading this post. Please bring it back!


           Fringe please! Fringe  can be overwhelming sometimes. You don't want to go out looking like you just came back from an audition for a Cowboy movie. I am not a big fringe fan myself, but this trend has been back for a while now, and it is not leaving anytime soon. Even if you are not a big fan of the trend,  there are other ways to introduce fringe to your closet. You can always start with a pair of boots, a crossbody bag, or lighter accessories, like a necklace or a scarf. 

Pleated Skirt

           Pleated skirts come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in different materials. From maxi to midi, these skirts can be layered over your tights. Or you can simply wear them with your knee-high boots, depending on the length.

             Remember when you had to be a woman of a certain age in order to wear a brooch? Not anymore! Brooches are back, ladies! You can wear them to accessorize your jackets or fix a wardrobe malfunction. I love heirloom brooches like the one I am wearing below.


               "Pour etre belle, il faut souffrir" "Beauty is pain," we say in English.  But I say style without comfort is a waste of money.  And what's more comfortable than a pair of loafers? Did you know that Penny Loafers have been around since the 1930s? These 2015 loafers are so fall ready. They will keep your toes covered in style!

Wide belts

             Wide belts don't only create a waist when you need one, they also create the looking tall illusion. They make the eyes travel upward. Over-sized belts are style transformers also.
Wearing one with your jumpsuit or a pencil skirt can totally transform your outfit  from casual to classy chic.

This giveaway is open to our international readers also. Don't forget to share it with your friends!
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                Hello Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your week so far. I am counting the days until Thanksgiving,  since November is already here. I am doing a fall tag this year. My dear blogger friend, Jay from relaxedthairapy.com, invited me to join her 2015 FALL FAVORITES TAG.  I am glad she did because I do have a few favorite products to share with you. I mean, who doesn't have their favorites?  I think we all do! The items on my list are mostly  fashion and beauty products. I will tell you more  about each product below and why I love them. I did not include any hair products because it is hard to just pick one. If you need the link to any of the products listed below, let me know and I will try to find it for you.

MAC Heroine Matte Lipstick

Long lasting: The color of this lipstick attracted me to it, but  it is the staying power that will make me buy it again. It is rare to find a Matte lipstick that does not enhance flaws. This one really surprised me. I love it.

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Tinted Lipglass

 Super shiny: A brilliant, but not too sticky lip color. It lasts longer than most lip glosses. It contains Jojoba oil to keep the lips moisturized.  Nice color for the fall season.

MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation

Full Coverage:  This powder + foundation from MAC is a favorite of mine. I don't think I will ever buy a different brand. The coverage is unbelievable.

Loft Statement Necklace

 Multi-colored: I will never get tired of wearing this necklace. What I love the most about it is the fact that I can wear it with different pieces.

Style & Co. Wide Calf Woman boots 

Comfort: These are my Christmas gift from last year. My sister knows that I love boots and got these for me. They are so comfortable. And the height is just right for running errands.

Yoins Woman Geometric prints Cardigan  

Chic + Cozy: This cardigan made its way into my closet a few weeks ago. And now it is one of my favorite fall pieces. What a stylish way to stay warm!

Foxbrim Perfectly Natural Soap

Gentle on the skin: This product leaves my hands so soft after each wash. It is all natural and lightly scented. The perfect product for the cold months ahead.

 Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

Oil-free: The best exfoliating cleanser I have used so far. It removes blemishes and cleanses deep down the pores. Best product for individuals with acne prone skin. I will never let it go! 

 Do you have any fall favorites? Write a short post and let us know all about them! Who know? You just might help somebody find a GREAT product! 

Check out more fall favorites from these blogger friends. 

Product Description

Manuka Lane Face Moisturizer Lift Cream  is an anti-aging moisturizer that revive skin's health and reveal smoother complexion, according to company.  It combines the highest quality manuka honey, bee venom and natural oils to create the effective antioxidant in the market. It visibly reduces wrinkles and age spots and leaves the skin supple and can be used daily with or without make up. Among its other beneficial properties, it also protects the skin from pollution. It shields the skin against environmental stressors that we encounter every day. This face moisturizer is a product from New Zealand. It contains bee venom that encourages increased circulation to the area which enhances collagen and elastic regeneration; which the skin badly needs in order to revive its healthy look. Made with organic ingredients: cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free. This product is designed to be used on face and neck. Skin in the neck needs proper care too just like your face. With continuous use, you will achieve the younger looking skin that you've always wanted.

About the Product
  • Stimulate Facial Muscles - Bee Venom gently stimulates facial muscles to tighten to reveal a firm and younger looking skin.
  • Anti Aging Cream Moisturizer - Contains Manuka Honey that has superior properties like antioxidant and antibacterial that protects the skin from free radicals.
  • Light, Absorbent, Non-greasy - With a pleasant scent of honey. Can be used even under makeup!! Great Used as Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream
  • Made In New Zealand - World famous for Pure and Clean Green Image

My opinion

  • Nicely packaged
  • Goes on smoothly 
  • Lightly scented
  • Melts quickly
  • none-greasy
  • Can cause very bad allergic reactions

         After using this product for a few weeks, I am sorry to say that it did more bad to my skin than it did any good. Manuka Lane Face Moisturizer Lift Cream irritated my skin  and caused major breakouts. My face felt like it was on fire at times. It even became very sensitive to products that worked fine on my face before. My skin became so thin that even my smallest pores are visible. Some red spots are still visible when I look in the mirror. My face felt moisturized after applying the product. But once I washed my face, it became dry and looked like the skin around my forehead was peeling off. I always joke about how it takes a lot to irritate my skin, but not with this product. A little bit was all it took.

The bottom line
          You should stay away from this product if you are allergic to Bee Venom. The instructions on the box make that very clear. I don't know if I am allergic to Bee Venom. And I would hate to find out the hard way. But if my skin's reaction to this product is an indication that I am allergic to Bee Venom, then I am glad I tried it. Now I know which products not to spend money on. Hopefully my experience with this product will help you make better choices in the future.

**This product was sent to me to facilitate my review, but the opinions expressed here are 100% my own**

Witch craft

               Hello Beauties!! Halloween is right around the corner. Not all of us want to be somebody else on Halloween. I actually want to be myself. I want to be able to drive my children from house to house without taking away any attention from them.  But going to an adult Halloween party is different. It is an opportunity  to have all eyes on you. I created two oufits below. The first one is something that I would wear to go treat-or-treating with my babies. And the second one is great for a Halloween party. Let me know what you think in the box below.

Halloween Party 

Happy Halloween, everyone! I will be back on Monday with a product review. I love you all!!

              The biggest challenge I faced after starting my healthy hair journey was monitoring the protein and moisture balance. My hair was doing fine in the beginning. But over time, I started to notice excessive breakage. My hair felt hard and crunchy after each wash. And no matter what I did, I could not get my hair to stay moisturized. I can say without any reservation that my breakage was due to using too much protein on my hair. Or as some would say, "I suffered from protein overload." A diet low in protein can also damage the hair. Your hair can get its protein either internally or externally. The important thing is to know when enough is enough.

How protein affects your hair

             When your hair is in its natural state (not chemically treated), little protein is required for it to thrive. According to WebMD, Not eating enough protein can result in shedding and breakage. If the body does not have enough protein to function properly, it will save protein by sending the hair cycle  into the resting phase. If you've been wondering why your hair stopped growing lately, this just might answer your question. From your hair all the way to your last toe nail, protein is very important. The protein found in the hair is called Keratin. Keratinocytes are responsible to make this protein because it is essential to hair growth. When Keratin is not present, the hair becomes dull, brittle, and susceptible to breakage. Chemicals in certain hair products and hot hair tools can also cause the hair to lose its protein. Not eating a diet consisting of 2-3 servings of protein a day can lead to hair damage and breakage. Did you know that protein can affect the hair texture? According to a study published in the "Journal of Investigative Dermatology" in February 2011, binding protein determines whether the hair is curly or straight.

Protein from different hair products

            Hair care products with added protein are formulated to strengthen the hair shaft. Keep in mind that some hair products will coat the hair instead of adding protein  to the hair shaft. In order for the hair to get the amount of protein necessary, the cuticle layers must be lifted. If you have thin hair, heat can be used to ensure the complete penetration of the protein.

  Protein from your diet
             According Dr. Lawrence Shapiro, a hair transplant surgeon based in Florida, eating whey protein can be very beneficial for the hair.  He  conducted a study in March of 2010 on the effects of drinking a whey protein beverage made from concentrated whey protein and other nutrients. The results of this study is listed on his website. Whey protein can also be found in some shampoos. TREsemme moisture rich shampoo used to contain whey protein, but the latest formula doesn't. My daughter had a severe allergic reaction to this particular shampoo a few years ago because she is allergic to dairy products.

           In conclusion, as you learn the texture of your hair and how much protein it needs, eating a protein rich diet or adding regular protein treatments to your hair regimen,  will help you retain your length. The biggest setback that I had to deal with since I started my hair journey was caused by protein overload. I hope you learn from my mistakes.


             Hello everyone!! Happy new week! Let's start the week with a new addition to my closet!! If I use one more exclamation point, you will stop reading this post, right? Lol. This Geometric Print Long Sleeve Knitted Cardigan   from YOINS caught my attention when I visited their site a few weeks ago. The stylish plunging open-front makes it very unique. I love the fit and how warm and comfortable it makes me feel. I can easily pair it with different other pieces in my closet. To put this outfit together,  I show my love for the color of the year by pairing this cardigan with a simple Marsala top and one of my favorite jeans. I completed the look with a pair of black shoes. Getting those pictures taken was not easy. We had to shoot two days in a row to get some good pictures because Mother Nature was not working in our favor. I hope you like the look that I put together.

            This cardigan from YOINS is definitely a fall must-have for me. The quality of the material is simply amazing. My greatest fear of online shopping is paying a lot of money for something with very poor quality. I'm happy that it was not the case for this company. My experience was great from start to finish.

**This post is sponsored by YOINS. Thanks for supporting the brands that keep this blog running!**