Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Glycerine Oil, Which one do you really need?

          I believe that most of us go crazy when it comes to natural oils. Some of us buy a bottle of oil just because it works for somebody else. We buy different oils without realizing that most of them do the same job.

My number one rule is: If it works for you, stick with it.

Rule # II: Some oils make your hair softer than others. For
example: glycerine oil makes my hair so soft that sometimes it weights it down, making my hair look like a cotton ball. Only use it with other oils, or mix it with rose water, aloe Vera juice, or distilled water for a good spritz during colder weather.

Rule # III: Amla oil is a combination of 3 different oils. If you use Amla oil as a pre-poo treatment, you don't need a protein treatment the same day because it makes the hair feel so strong and healthy. Amla oil makes your hair look darker also. You don't need Amla oil if you have extra virgin coconut oil.

Rule # IV: When you buy a new oil you should use it by itself first before mixing it with other oils; this way you will know what the oil does to your hair, or if your hair likes it.

Rule # VI: If you use coconut oil as pre-poo you don't need a protein treatment the same day. Coconut is rich in fatty acids, which may not be good for you if your hair is protein sensitive. Does coconut oil make your hair crunchy? It's because it freezes during the cold weather. Just like it does when you put it in the refrigerator. A little bit goes a long way.

Rule # VII: Do not use glycerin oil when doing a hot oil treatment because this oil and heat are not friends when it comes to your hair. As a humectant, glycerin can draw water from your hair during hot seasons. The reverse is also true.

Rule # VIII: Jojoba oil and extra virgin olive oil do the same job. They both make your hair soft and strong.

Rule # VIIII: Extra virgin coconut oil mimics protein. It bonds easily to the hair. That's why it works so well on most hair types. Hair is protein, so whenever you add protein to your hair it will look healthier. It is also the best oil for a hot oil treatment. It also makes your hair strong.

Rule # X: Jamaican Black castor oil is the only oil that actually makes my hair grow. The other oils help me retain length by keeping the hair moisturized. It also makes my hair thicker while keeping it soft at the same time.
             The bottom line is you only need 4 natural oils: Jamaican Black castor oil for your scalp, Extra virgin olive oil to seal your ends, extra virgin coconut oil for your pre-poo, or hot oil treatment, and glycerine oil when you need more moisture and softness during colder seasons. You can also use all four oils for your Shea butter mix.

Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

Nerline Germain is an auntie, sister, wife and mother. My passion for writing led me to create this little space. I mostly write beauty related articles, but this is also a lifestyle blog. My goal is to share my experiences with you. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes:-) Contact: chicfromhair2toe@gmail.com. .


  1. In all of these oils that you've mentioned, I'd still choose coconut oil. I know its real health benefits because I've been using it for a couple of years already.

  2. If it works for you, stick with it. We have different hair types which means our hair might love different food.Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I just got my jamaican black castor oil today. Can't wait to use it. thanks for being so thorough.

  4. I hope the jamaican black castor oil helps me fill in my thin sides.

  5. I heard that Jamaican Black Castor Oil is thick, Should I add another oil to help thin it out and if so about how much of each? I need it mostly for my sides.

  6. Hi Betty,
    You can mix it with jojoba oil because it is the closest to the oil that our body produces to moisturize the hair. I use it as is, and just use a little bit. Thanks!

  7. I have a quick question for you can I add 50 droplets of both jojoba and rosemary to my 4oz bottle of jbco...is that a good combo for a male looking to fill in some thinning areas

  8. Thank you for directly breaking it down for us. I was trying to decipher which cleansing conditioner (jojoba, olive oil, or sweet almond oil) to go with for my color treated damaged hair and I now see that either will likely work the same huh? I wish i had found your blog before i googled each one individually hah. Thanks! :)

  9. this was very helpful.
    during my journey I've tried so many oils -feels like I tried hundreds of them- but my only favorite is still coconut oil. currently its the only oil I use since my skin likes it as well as my hair does

  10. You are the 2nd person to reinterate that Jojoba Oil is the closest to the oil that our body produces. Something to do with the Sebum right? I always heard that oil & water don't mix, well what about mixing Rose Water & JBCO? I am contemplating buying Rose Water to moisturize my scalp & boxbraids that I am currently rocking

    1. You can get them to mix by shaking the applicator bottle right before you spray the mix on your hair, but you already know that the oil will sit on top of the water if the bottle is just sitting there.