5 Things I've Learned since I Became Natural.

  1. Natural hair does not grow faster than relaxed hair, but relaxers do slow down the growth stage. I have seen a lot of sisters with long, relaxed hair with one key thing in common: they all stretch their relaxers (wait for at least 3 months before applying a relaxer on their new growth).
  2. My hair does not shrink, it curls up and becomes very short, especially when I use glycerine oil by itself.
  3. Vitamin supplements like biotin and the B vitamins can change my hair from very soft to very hard and thick.
  4. Amla oil was not created for natural sisters. It makes the hair too hard, and it tangles it up.
  5. Not all oils are created equal. Some oils make my hair too soft, and some makes it too hard, but when mixed together they do feed my hair and make it healthy.

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