100% African Shea Butter Review

         100% Shea Butter is derived from the nuts of the African Shea tree. It is rich in fatty acids, which makes both the hair and the skin softer and shinier. It protects the skin against wind, the cold, and the sun. If your are struggling with very dry hair, this product is for you.


  • Treatment of  dry skin, eczema, and minor burns.
  • Pain relief from swelling.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Treats dark spots, skin discolorations, stretch marks, winkles & blemishes.
  • Massages, diaper rash, & hair conditioner.

Why I love it:

  • It delivers.
  • It does everything it says.
  • it moisturizes my 4b/4c hair, leavingit soft and manageable.
  • It leaves my skin very soft during the winter.
  • It leaves me very relaxed after a back massage.
  • The smell is very strong
  • Very cheap

How I use it:

  • I mix it with white petroleum, rub it on my feet, and put my socks on before bed. My feet look very moisturized the next morning.
  • I mix it with Jamaican black castor oil, jojoba oil, glycerin oil, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, tea tree oil, and Amla oil to seal my ends after I moisturize my hair.
  • I use it by itself  after applying my leave-in conditioner to define my curls.
  • I rub it on my face and neck at night for extra moisture.
NOTE: The product is raw -its natural state- I recommend that you use it with your favorite moisturizer to make the smell more bearable when using it on your skin.



  1. This product is very effective for my hair. Its melts nicely when you rub it between the palms of your hands. I apply it throughout my hair and on my scalp. My hair is natural and I do not put any chemicals on my hair. This product leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable. I also use it on dry skin. I apply it to the affected areas and it leaves my skin feeling soft.

    Marisha WickJamaican Black Castor

  2. I love it. I have never tried it before blow drying my hair, but I think it will help in making the flat ironing process easier by making the hair softer.

  3. Common Africans then started using Shea butter to protect their skin and hair from the massive sun and coarse winds African deserts. Shea butter was also used as a healing remedy for circumcision, an insect repellent, and as an antiperspirant.

    During Pregnancy, African women rub their stomachs with Shea butter to prevent stretch marks; during birth women would squat over a tub of warm water and Shea oil to reduce to pain of child birth; after birth, babies are massaged head to toe with Shea butter, for healthy, glowing skin.

    For more information about Shea Natural please follow the url



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