Box Braids as a Protective Style This Winter: A Few Tips

                  I am a sucker for protective styles and I will be wearing them until the winter is over to protect my ends. I also want to wash my hair less often ( once a month instead of one a week). A lot of sisters are wearing box braids these days. You might want to wear them too, but be careful with how you wear them. A protective style can go really wrong if not done the right way.

  • Stay away from hair that will make your scalp itchy. If you are allergic to synthetic hair, stay way from it. 
  • Whether you are doing your hair, or have someone else do it, do not pull on your own hair when braiding it; that can cause permanent damage to your edges. Braiding your hair too tight can also cause unwanted shedding. 
  • Do a good Protein treatment to give the hair strength so your ends don't break off.
  • Wash your hair at least once a month while the braids are on.
  • Grease your scalp with a Jamaican Black Castor oil to remove dandruff. Jamaican black castor oil is a good choice because it will hep the hair grow too, but you can use any oil that will stop the itch.
  • Moisturize your ends with a light leave in conditioner while wearing the braids to avoid split ends.
  • Use tea tree oil to avoid fungus.
  • Wrap your hair before going to bed to keep the braids fresh



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