7 Simple Things You Can Do To Grow Your Natural Hair Fast

I am just going straight to my seven points because I hate long, boring introductions.
  1. Commitment: Commit to a hair regimen and stick to it
  2. Patience: It is very easy to get bored and discourage when you keep doing the same thing everyday,  but it takes longer than a few months to see the results of your hard work when dealing with hair in general.
  3. Stop washing your hair with shampoo everyday: It is okay to wash your hair with shampoo to avoid product build ups, but using shampoo too often can be detrimental to your hair. Instead, co-wash your hair every other day with a good moisturizing conditioner, and use a good (sulfate free) clarifying shampoo when you have too.
  4. Use a wide tooth comb: A wide tooth comb will make it so much easier for you to detangle your hair, and , therefore, avoid breaking and shedding.
  5. Grease your scalp: Applying a good oil to your scalp every other day can minimize shedding, remove dandruff, and promote growth.
  6. Massage your scalp: Massaging your scalp provides circulation around the hair follicles and increase blood flow which carries vitamins and nutrients to the hair. 
  7. Keep your hair up: Keep your hair UP in a bun to keep it from rubbing against your garments.



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