More black women shun chemicals, embrace their natural hair

Increasingly, they are shunning the restrictions of relaxers in favor of chemically untreated tresses.


The Kansas City Star
Five years ago, Kansas City jazz singer Bukeka Shoals woke up one morning and decided she was through with chemical relaxers.
 P.S: I really feel proud to be part of this great movement. One of the reasons why I did the big chop is because of my daughter. I want to be the change that I want to see. I want to be her role model. I want our daughters to be proud of their natural hair. Girls love braids, especially when we use beads to make them look prettier. I put my daughter's hair in braids from Monday to Friday. I wash her hair on Saturdays and put hair in a bun on Sundays for church. Sometimes I section her hair in four and use accessories like little bows to style her hair. With all these videos available on on how to style natural hair, I can't believe some of us are still saying that it's hard to style natural hair.

Keep it natural sisters!

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