Transitioning to natural hair? Hairstyling options are numerous

Feb 11, 2013 
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 Leah Fletcher

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By Leah Fletcher

You've made the decision to transition from chemically-treated hair to natural hair. Now, the major challenge facing you is selecting a hairstyle. Hair stylists agree there is an array of options to wear during your transition.

Whether you select a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro), braids or Sisterlocks will pretty much be determined by your decision to keep your relaxed hair or to do the "big chop". "Your hair may range from being extremely short or have roots that are kinky or curly with the remainder of the hair straight," offered Andrea Johnson, owner of the Orchard Blue Hair Salon, in University City section of Philadelphia.

Johnson and her partner, Kesha Muhammad, observed some of their clients may be more comfortable allowing their natural hair to grow and work toward minimizing breakage as they go. Others, they said, take the bold step and cut the relaxed hair off. They both agreed that regardless of one's decision on how to transition, there are great natural hairstyles to wear during this period.

The following are just a few:

Teeny Weeny Afro: Just take the big step and chop all your relaxed hair your hair off and wear a small afro for a time. Depending on how much new growth you have you will be limited in your styling options. Some elect to go with the Teeny Weeny Afro. Other options include the Two Strand Twists or Coil Twists, which may be accomplished with just about any length of hair.

Braids and Extensions: You can maintain your length of hair while to transition by adding hair to your own. This will camouflage the difference in texture between your new growth and the relaxed hair and give you length while you are growing enough natural hair to feel comfortable after making the "big chop". Natural hair weaves are a preferred choice for transitioning because they give you the opportunity to see yourself with natural hair. Also some methods for weaving or cornrowing are gentler on your hair than other forms of extensions such as individual braids

Sisterlocks are a great to wear while transitioning. They may be started with one and a half inches of new growth at the scalp. Sisterlocks use your own natural hair and can be started with relaxed hair in place and give you length. Sisterlocks are similar to dreadlocks but they look more like micro braids or very small twists. Ultimately, they give your hair length and offer many styling options.

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