Natural Hair Idol: Esperanza Spalding's Natural Hair

I first knew about Eperanza Spalding last year, when I subscribed to the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. When I saw her the first thing that caught my eyes was the hair. Yes, the hair. Being natural to me is like being pregnant for the first time, because you notice more babies when you are about to have one. I notice more natural haired African Americans now that I am natural.
Photo Credit: Jack Plunkett
Esperanza Spalding plays the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre on Friday, Oct. 19.

You cannot help but noticing the hair. "Esperanza Spalding, who performs Friday at the Cobb Energy Centre, has a sweet, free-swinging voice, magnetic stage presence, formidable chops as a jazz bassist and great hair." Said Bo Emerson, the Atlanta native News writer. Yes. She does have great hair and  I love it.

Fun facts about being a teacher:
  1. She became the youngest professor at Berklee college of music at the age of 20
  2. She stopped teaching because she realized that she had more studying to do. The students had more questions than she had answers, she said.
Fun Facts about being a naturalista:
  1. She has been natural her whole life because her mother refused to relax her her.
  2. She vowed never to relax her hair. 
  3. She does her hair herself most of the time.
  4. She does not worry much about her hair because it's in an Afro most of the time.
  5. Her hair reflects her and she wants to keep it that way.
  6. "Work with whatever your have," says Esperanza.

Fun facts about being a musician: 
  1. She is a great admirer of Sting, Paul McCartney, Jay Leonhart,  Slam Stewar, and of course, Prince.
  2. She does not believe in competitions when it comes to other musicians. she believes in being great at what she does.   
                  What do you think of her hair? Hair crush anyone?
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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