When Is The Best Time To Buy Your Favorite Hair Products?

The best time would be when yo need it, right? Wrong. The best time to buy your favorite hair products is when they are on sale and you can afford them. I am not an amazon.com junkie, but I do get most of my hair products online. Walgreens.com does have good sales some times. My local Kroger store has products for African American hair on sale very often.
    I really did some splurging last month. You know, tax return season. I needed the products that I bought and they were on sale at amazon.com. I think I bought six bottles of Scurl "No Drip" Activator moisturizers and three bottles of TREsemme Moisture Rich Conditioner with Vitamin E. I co-wash my hair a lot, so having a good conditioner around is always good. Most of you might already know that I am addicted to Scurl activator moisturizer. I go crazy when  I don't have it around the house, and my 4b/4c hair loves it. You know you love a product when you keep going to the store to get more.

     Don't wait until you need a product to buy it. You don't have to buy all your hair products at once, but when you see that a product you love is on sale, use the little money that you have and buy one or two if you can afford it. Most hair products have very long shelf life; you don't have to worry about them going to waste. 



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