Victoria Beckham will open UK store as she juggles family and fashion

Victoria Beckham
     The mother of three boys and a daughter has finally decided to open her own store after designing and co-designing countless sexy outfits for women. It is a big step for Victoria who wants to have the best of both world: Being a store owner and a parent. 

    The pop singer and the mother of David Beckham's children finds it a little bit hard to juggle family and  her love for fashion. It's good to hear a celebrity worrying about not being able to spend time with her children. Some of them have no problem hiring a new mommy for them. 

       I personally don't care if she opens a store or not, whether it is in the US or the in the UK. You will never find me in it, but it's a great thing to see a woman doing her own thing and not depending on her hubby's money.

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