11 Things You Must Have When Going On Vacation.

You can wrap this cardigan several ways: around your waist for lunch, or around your neck for a formal dinner.

A double-duty dress: Two dresses in one, and it does not take any room in your bag.


Cargo Pants: A nice choice if you want to be comfy on your vacation.

These flats are even comfortable enough for the gym.

A bag big enough to put everything in, but not over-sized

Stud earrings: They will make you look classy and glamorous

You will need a watch wherever you go.

This jacket has enough pockets to hold all your gadgets and keys. It also allows you to control your iPod
Rain Wrap: Save Space

Shoe Clips: Clip them on your pumps to transform them into formal, or cocktail party

Good for chilly airplanes, and poolside cabanas.



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