Color Wheel: How To Match Brown with Pink and Orange

 Hi friends, 
            I am pairing Pink and Orange with Brown today. Orange is already from the brown family, which makes it even easier to match these two colors. You get orange by mixing red and yellow. There are different shades of orange.  We have Persian orange which is a light brown, then we have brown itself. I am not a big fan of brown because, well.... I am black. And I am not a big fan of pairing brown with black because of that reason. BUT, if I can find a brown shade that is lighter than my skin tone, I will definitely wear it.

Pairing orange & pink  with brown:

  1.  A two-toned orange dress, light brown shoes, dark brown clutch for a formal event like a wedding.
  2. Orange top, two-piece brown suit, black shoes  for work.
  3. A pink dress, peach orange purse, brown shoes, for a dinner night.
  4. Brown jeans, pink/orange top, two-toned (leopard, cheetah) pumps, brown belt for a girls' night out
  5. You can mix and match pink, orange,  and brown whichever way you want for any casual look.
        Fashion is all about playing with colors and finding your own identity. So have fun with these colors.



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