How To Hide Your Most Common Body Flaws

         I don't think there's one woman in the world who is perfectly happy with the way she looks. Some of us complain about being too short, while some of us complain about being to tall. As for me? I complain about being too big. Below is a list that I have used to help me hide my flaws. I hope it helps you, too.

  1. Heavy Hips (like me): Broaden your shoulder line. Wear clothes that will make eyes travel to your upper body  instead  of your hips. Avoid wearing skirts that will reveal your hips. Avoid jackets, peplums, and cuffs that hit at the hips.
  2. Small Bust:  Wear tops or dresses with softly draped bodices, collars and decorative bodice details will work also. Avoid very high or too low necklines, and plain bodice.
  3. Large bust: Wear simple necklines, long sleeves or surplice closings. Avoid low necklines, deep V-necklines, and plain bodice.
  4.  Thick Rib Cage Pick boxy jackets, bloused bodice, soft draping, and blouses. Avoid snug midriff styles.
  5. Short Waist:  Low waisted designs, hip length jackets, and blouses. Smooth, uninterrupted lines. Avoid contrasting belts, very slim and very full skirts.
  6. Long Waist: Opt for wide sashes, set-in midriffs, contrasting belts, tunics, peplums, and long jackets. Avoid top heavy look from wearing too short skirts. 
  7. Box Jacket

  8. Round Shoulders: Use set-in sleeves, collared boleros and jackets, blouse with soft fullness at back. Avoid kimono, raglan, or dolman sleeves.
  9. Narrow Shoulders: Wear narrowly padded set-in sleeves. Avoid kimono, raglan, or dolman sleeves.
  10. Short Neck: Buy collarless styles, V or U-shaped necklines, and standaway collars. Avoid high necklines, and turtlenecks. 
  11. Long Neck: Choose turtlenecks, large collars, mandarin necklines, and high chokers. Avoid plain, low necklines.
  12. Big Abdomen: Cover up with Boxy, hip length jackets, vertical lines, pleats or shirring at sides of a dress, creating a straight front panel. Avoid smoothly fitted bodice and skirts. 
  13. Big Derriere (asset): Hip length boxy jackets, box pleated flared skirts, shirred waistlines are great choices. Avoid snug skirts, back interest at waist or hipline.



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