Outfit Ideas: Memorial Day Weekend Fashion

Outfit Ideas: Memorial Day Weekend Fashion
        We all have, or had a member of our family in the army. I am glad that my brother was able to go to Iraq and come back to us safely. This outfit is to remember those who have fallen to keep us safe.

About the outfit: 
       I know I say it a lot, but I am saying it again, it is summer in Georgia. So excuse my-not-too-southern hospitality when I try to create summer outfits. I do throw a jacket in there most of the time for our spring states. I love the messenger bag, which keeps your hands free. Dark nail polish  is a must when wearing white sandals.
Most of the selected items are $50.00 or less. The whole look is for a little over $200 - minus the decorations - but you don't have to spend that much because you already have some of the items in your closet.
        What will you be wearing on May 27th?


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