8 Websites Every Online Shopper Should Know

There is nothing like online shopping Good morning guys,
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As some of you may already know, I am addicted to online shopping. I work from home during the week and outside my home on Fridays and Saturdays, which gives me enough time to browse the internet for good deals. I have a few websites for you guys. If you are a fashion blogger, you may already know some of them. This post can be updated if you are willing to share your favorite websites with us. I am just saying!

  1. Zara.com: Nothing beats free shipping & free returns with no minimum orders. No IFs and BUTs. Great site for weekend clothes.
  2. Shopdesignspark.com: Where you can buy great quality jewelry for as low as $15. Free shipping on all orders to the US.
  3. Amiclubwear.com: Another great site for weekend wear. They always have huge sales on this site. You can buy tops for as low as $8.99. You also get free shipping on US orders ($50.00 minimum).
  4. Windsorstore.com: Chic dresses for all occasions, one stop shopping, fashion trends for less.
  5. Asos.com: Shop designer clothes and accessories for as low as $55.00.
  6. Fantasyjewelrybox.com: Fun designer-inspired jewelry for a fraction of the cost. An entertainment magazines' favorite.
  7. Richrocksnyc.com: Another Celeb favorite for classic and fun jewelry.
  8. Vietafashion.com: Only for girls like me. They have a huge selections of handbags, hobos, clutches, and wallets.
          Leave us your suggestions below. We will be happy to add your favorite sites. 



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