Celebrity Street Style: Fashion Inspired By Selena Gomez

celebrity street style: Selena Gomez

sleeveless tank / Printed legging / Rioni handbag  / Stud earring set / Shoes / Sunglasses 

Hi lovelies, 

        Zebra prints have been spotted on a lot of celebrities. They have been worn by celebrities like Eva Longoria and Cathrine Heigl. Our inspiration today is Selena Gomez. She looks ladylike and stylish  in those zebra pants. My goal today is to help  you get her look without paying a fortune.

       The Look

       It can be a challenge to pair prints with prints, but this is an easy look, especially for a minimalist. I recommend peplum tops for girls who don't have huge hips because they tend to draw too much attention to your hips. A neutral pair of heels can go with almost any color, so have fun with your outfit and wear it with confidence.



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