How I Use Honey And Extra Virgin Olive Oil To Get My Hair Softer

 My hair is coated with honey only in this picture. My hair was a frizzing wreck before I applied the honey to it.

I added some extra virgin olive oil to the hair. I covered my hair with a plastic cap and wrapped it with a towel for about 45 minutes, and washed it with TREsemme moisture rich conditioner.

Without using any leave-in conditioner, I applied some Haitian black castor oil to my hair. I twisted it, and put it in a bun later. Leaving the honey on your hair for too long is not a good idea. Your hair may look lifeless if that happens. Putting too much honey is also a bad thing. Make sure you use the right amount of each ingredient. 



  1. Hello, just read you post, I've been thinking about trying honey on my hair. I'm glad I came across your post. thanks for sharing


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