Outfit Ideas: Strapless Yellow Chiffon Dress by Minuet

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 Dress   Ring    Silk scarve   Waterproof liquid eyeliner  Lipstick

Hi everyone,
        Going somewhere this weekend? A wedding maybe? I have a double duty dress for you. This is a great dress that you can wear to any formal occasion. The bust was created for small busted women. A sash belt at the waits is great to hide those unwanted  extra pounds.

 The look

         Add colors to your day with this yellow dress.  A shawl is a must when wearing a strapless dress. You can carry it in your purse until it's time to wear it. It's okay to match your shoes with your purse or other accessories for a formal occasion. Use an accent ring to make a statement. Have fun with your look as long as you don't look like you are one of the bridesmaids. 



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