3 Ways To Pair Your White Shirt With Your Little Black Dress For A Professional Look

3 ways to pair your white shirt with your LBDHi Girlfriends!

          We know there are 4 iconic pieces in fashion that will never go out of style: the LBD, the Chanel Jacket, the crisped white shirt, and those blue jeans. Today we are pairing two iconic pieces to create a professional look.

From left to right:
  1. The dress is worn over the shirt with a black belt at the waist to create definition. a belt is needed if you don't have a pear shape and want to have that statuesque look. A woman with a pear shape can skip the belt if it draws too much attention to the hips. A black pair of pumps is added to complete the look. A dress with a square or round neck is recommended for this look as less buttons will be shown.
  2. The shirt is worn over the dress with a red belt and red pumps. You can leave the shirt unbutton half-way from the top to create a less conservative look. A belt at the waist is necessary.  The sleeves can be rolled up also. 
  3. A sleeveless shirt can also be worn over the little black dress for a less formal look, or a blazer can be worn as an extra layer depending on your company's dress code. The third look is a chic look for a casual Friday. You can easily loose the blazer and head to the bar after work for a well-deserved cocktail hour.
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  1. A powder that does not run when you sweat? All over the face? Try MAC Mineralize Powder (Rimmel/Covergirl have a great cheap alternative) Ben Eye Powder (great for under the eyes), MAC Set powder (for under the eyes) or try Make UP FOR EVER translucent powder...so many to choose from, but those are usually good! MAC Mineralize is s save bet at least for me...hope that helps!


  2. I think I will go with the MAC Mineralize powder. I don't care how much it costs as long as they have it in my shade.
    Thanks, Jezz.

  3. great post, so true about the 4 iconic pieces that will never go out of style. love the sets you created to, perfect for professional & business casual events.



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