Chic Find Of The Week: 3 Ways 2 Wear Your High Low Skirt

3 ways to wear your high low skirt

Peridot London sleeveless top / Cap sleeve t shirt, $6.10 / Shirt top / Blue cropped blazer, $31 / Dip hem maxi skirt / Teal shoes / Suede pumps, $31 / Zara wedge heels / Blue handbag, $46 / Black bag / SERPUI MARIE minaudiere handbag / Amrita Singh stretch ring / 316L Titanium Steel Personalized Engraved Bracelets set for Couples

Hey readers everywhere,

     I have been wanting to write a post on how to wear the high low skirt, but I wanted to find a great, affordable skirt before I could write about it. So this post could easily have 3 titles in one, but we are satisfied with two for now. The skirt was originally $20, but now it is being sold for less than $9.00 at amazon. It is very trendy and it is a great addition to your wardrobe.

The looks: 
      Look number one is more of a professional look. I would totally wear that to a business meeting. The T-shirt is tucked into the skirt, revealing the elastic waist. The cropped blue blazer is added to give it more of a mod/triad look. I love the handbag because its  blue-ish, purple-ish colors hold the whole look together.
       The second look is a party-ready look. It is a fun, carefree look. It is a great look if you want to draw attention to your mid section instead of your legs.
       The third look is a day look. The elastic waist is hidden. It is a great look for the mall, or if you are going to the movies. It can also be worn with your favorite pair of flats or flip flops depending on how tall you are. 

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