How To Pick The Right Tunic For Your Body Type

Pick The right Tunic for your body type       Summer is the time when we enjoy wearing our tunics either with skinny jeans, knee high shorts, or Capri pants. We are making it easy for you to pick the right tunic that flatters your figure.
  • Plus Size: A tunic with monochromatic details and flowy sleeves will keep your look light and give you freedom to move. A belt can be added to add definition at the waist.
  • Full Tommy: If you  have a big belly you don't want to draw attention to this area. Look for blocks of color that draw the eye to other parts of your body. Choose stretchy fabrics that will give you all around comfort.
  • Big Bust: A tunic top with embellishments that take away attention from your cleavage is the right choice for you. 
  • Curvy Hips: Look for a short, printed style with roomy slits on the sides. A tunic with no bottom trim is ideal, but not necessary.
    Have fun with different colors, and try different stores until you find the right fit for you. Macy's has great tunic tops, so give them a try if you have not done so yet.
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. This is great! What about petite girls? Sometimes I think they make me look even smaller...


  2. @Jezz - You need one with empire waist, or pin-tucked/maxi tunic; something that is flowy around your mid section. I hope that helps.