How To Tame Down Your Neon Hues This Summer

Are You Scared of wearing NEON?
         This post is not about how to wear neon. It is about taming it down. Believe it or not, the colors that you wear can have huge effects on your skin tone. It can either make your skin look darker, or a little too bright for your taste.  And depending on how you pair your colors, one color can make the other color appear brighter than it actually is. Below are a few tips and tricks that you can use to downplay your neon.

  1. Bold accessories like a bib necklace,  hoop or dangling earrings in a different printed color can reduce the brightness of the neon piece you're wearing.
  2. When wearing a neon top or a dress, avoid wearing it as a contrast color.
  3. Avoid wearing it with neutrals. That will make it stand out more.
  4. Wear a sheer scarf or a short sleeved denim jacket when wearing a neon dress or top.
  5. Wear your neon top with printed bottoms instead of solid colors like black to downplay it.
  6. If after trying tips 1-5 you still think that neon is still too bright for your face, wear neon accessories like shoes, a belt, clutch or crossbody bags instead of big and bold neon pieces like a blouse, blazer, or a dress.
Do you have any tips on how to wear neon? Share it with us below!



  1. I like to wear neon in small doses if you know what I mean (bags, shoes, necklaces, etc). Great post!

    Sex w. Candy


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