My Mini Product Haul (July 2013)

Black Earth Taliah Waajid Curl Cream
       I had over 2,000 miles on my DISCOVER credit card this month, and I decided to use them to purchase a few things. It sounds like free money, but it's actually not. You accumulate miles when you buy stuff using your card, which in turns increase the amount you have to pay in interests. So it is not a win-win situation. The only time you win is when you can use those miles toward your credit card payment. I hope that makes sense.

      Anyway, I only needed to buy two things and I ended up buying four. Sounds familiar? I needed the Mary Kay lipstick and the curl cream by Taliah Waajid, which I will do a product review on next month. A girl can never have too many bobby pins and pony tail holders, so I added some to my basket. The total was only $28.28 with free shipping and tax. Below is a list of the things that I bought with their prices. Leave a comment below if you need me to review a particular product before you buy it.

Items Ordered Price
1 of: Vidal Sassoon Medium No Crimper Elastics, Neutral, 30 Count
Condition: New
Sold by: LLC
1 of: Black Earth Taliah Waajid Curl Cream 6 oz
Condition: New
1 of: Vidal Sassoon Bobby Pins, Black, 60 Count
Condition: New
Sold by: LLC
Items Ordered Price
1 of: Mary Kay Creme Lipstick ~ Compassion
Condition: New
Sold by: I love my Mary Kay. Beauty & Beyond



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