Should You Wear Your Hair Straight Or Curly This Summer?


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            We are talking about natural hair today. To straighten or not to straighten is the question. Well, it is definitely up to you what you want to do to your hair. It depends on what you are most comfortable with. Like they say in French, " Pour etre belle il faut soufrir." Meaning "beauty is pain". If you want to keep your hair straight all summer long you have to be ready to suffer the consequences.

       If you are not sure what do with your hair I suggest that you wear you hair curly. The number one reason why you should keep your hair curly is because wearing your hair straight will not last. So  you would have to use your hot tools over and over again to keep your hair straight throughout the summer. It will be you fighting against nature. It is already hot as it is.  If you have 4b/4c hair, you can forget about it. Your hair will only last a few days if you are lucky. Second, constantly using  hot tools will damage your hair. You probably heard of heat damage before. It is when a part of your hair is straight, and there is nothing you can do about it, and the other part is curly. A protein treatment does help in some cases, but for the most part the hair stays damage forever. 

       Yesterday I saw a lady at my church. Her twist out was so fab I had to tap on her shoulder and compliment her. Her curls were so defined and bouncy.  Mind you she was sitting right in front of me. Almost at the end of the service,1h &30 minutes later,  her hair got bigger. Her curls were turning into an Afro right in front of my eyes! I could not believe it.
         Wearing your curls during the summer is the best way to go. Some of us are not blessed with beautiful natural curls like the above model. Hell, some of us cannot even rock a great wash-and-go!  Wearing your natural hair is the healthy way to go, but make sure you are using the right products. Make sure your hair stays hydrated. Use products that will hold the curls when doing a braid out, bantu knots out, or a twist out. Giovanni Direct leave-in conditioner and Cantu Shea butter are great conditioners you can use before braiding or twisting your hair. They will hold your hair style, and what happened to my church friend will not happen to you. Praise the Lord!

Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

Nerline Germain is an auntie, sister, wife and mother. My passion for writing led me to create this little space. I mostly write beauty related articles, but this is also a lifestyle blog. My goal is to share my experiences with you. Hopefully you will learn from my mistakes:-) Contact: chicfromhair2toe@gmail.com. .


  1. I go natural for the summer. Way too hot and humid to be dealing with all that straightening fuss, not to mention the damage it causes.

    Sex w. Candy

    1. It is time consuming. I have been natural for over a year now, and I have never even tried to straighten my hair.