What To Wear To a Cocktail Party

        What the hell is a cocktail party is what we should be asking? The answer is not as simple as you think it is. A cocktail party is a not-too-formal social gathering where mixed drinks, light snacks, or hors d'oeuvres are served. All guests at a cocktail party are expected to mingle by engaging in meaningful conversations. All guests should expect at least 3 beverages from their server or the host. A cocktail party is also an occasion to meet new people and potential friends.

         A cocktail dress is the appropriate attire for a cocktail party, but you have other options. A top with special details or embellishment around the bust and a simple skirt or tailored pants, plus heels or fancy flats can be worn. Fabrics like jersey and denim should be avoided. If the cocktail party is work related (organized by your firm), avoid being too corporate-ish. A pantsuit or a fitted cashmere top with a knee-length  satin skirt, heels, earrings, and stacked bangles are  perfectly fine. Wear a silky top if the pantsuit is your outfit of choice.

        Cocktail parties are different from cities to cities. A cocktail party in New York city -where people like to look chic at social events-  might be different from a cocktail party in a more relaxed city. Figure out what people usually wear at cocktail parties in your area so you don't look over-dressed or otherwise. The main reason people have cocktail parties is to relax and have fun. So dress comfortably and drink on!



  1. Now just to find a cocktail party to attend haha xx

  2. I know, so complicated! I always have to consider where I am going and who is going to be there...so confusing!


  3. Rose, if you think cocktail parties are hard to find, try a wedding. The last time I went to a wedding was in 2005. Most of my friends are married; I guess that's what my problem is.

  4. Jezz, I didn't know it was that complicated until I started doing my research for this post.


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