08/31/2013: What I Read Around The Web This Week

          Below are some of the stories and blog posts that I have read during the week. Check them out if you have a chance!
  1. David Beckham went shirt less on the beach.
  2. 8 Things to consider before coloring your natural hair: Black Hair Information. 
  3. Does your guy have commitment issues? "If he does not propose soon, I am out."
  4. 50 Years ago: the "I have a dream speech" celebration with President Obama.
  5. Clint Eastwood separated from his wife of 17 years.
  6. What? Celebrity instagram photos you may have missed.
  7. Obsessed with Fall colors? check out this makeup tutorial by Dolce Candy.
  8. How to Contour and Highlight Your Face. By Jezz Dallas
  9.  Learn tips on how to design your own blog logo - ibf
  10. Wow! Person of the week by Beautiful African American Community.



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