5 Fall Fashion Tips You Need To Remember

FFF: Falling For Fashion

            Fall is almost here. And for those of you who don't like wearing heavy coats, layering and light jackets are our only options. Did I tell you that Fall is my favorite season? Forget it. You don't even care. Anyway, I have five tips that will help you survive the Fall season.

  1. Evening Knits: Your evening knits need to have some shape or you will look like you are wearing a bathrobe. Go with a darker color if you want to look chic. 
  2. Designer Logos: Some of us love to flash our designer logos (like my sister), but if you are wearing pair of Coach shoes, there is no need for a Coach handbag. 
  3. Flowy Tops: Too much volume is always a bad thing. If you have wide hips, It's okay if the top hits at the hips. Avoid wide leg jeans, as they will show too much volume.
  4. Tweed Jackets: Don't you just hate those tweed jackets that make you look so fat? It's because they are double-breasted! Opt for a single-breasted tweed jacket if you want to look slimmer.
  5. Leather Pants: Stay away from cheap leather pants. They will only make you look cheap! Pair them with heels. Avoid wearing them with tops that appear to be too sexy, because they are already sexy on their own.
I hope these tips  help. Until next time, Fashionistas!



  1. I just recently started my search for the perfect leather pants


  2. Yes I like all that is in this group of clothing you put together. Nerline do you sell clothes and if you do list your website!

  3. I Used to have my own clothing store on Ebay, but I don't sell clothes anymore, Jenine.


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