Our Wedding Anniversary: Eight Down, Thirty-Two More To Go.

          Eight years ago today, I married one of the most understanding, generous, friendly, and beautiful man in the world. We met in 2003 and got married a year and a half later. Being married has taught both of us different life lessons.

         Anybody who tells you that they have a perfect marriage is lying to you. It takes two perfect individuals to have a perfect marriage. I know I am not perfect,  and I never expected him to be perfect. I did not come into the marriage hoping that he will change. If anything, I had to change because of him. People can't change each other, but love can. I always tell my friends, you will not find 100% of everything that you want in a man. You can either take 95%  here and 5% there, or you can be happy with the 95% that belongs to you.

       Our marriage is not perfect. We argue sometimes, but we always find ways to go back to being friends. Although we are completely different from each other, we agree on a lot of things, like how to deal with money and raise our children. After living with my husband for 8 years, I know all of his buttons. I know which ones to push and when; and I know which ones to stay away from. Our marriage is not perfect, but we are perfect for each other. I cannot wait to see what the next thirty-two years will bring, what our next exciting adventure will be. But wherever life takes us, I know that I wouldn't want to share this journey with anyone else.

            What has being married taught you?



  1. Awww......lovely. Marriage has thought me that I have to learn to live with the only person that knows how best to annoy me(without even trying too hard) and still love him. :-)

  2. Marriage taught me whatever might happen that we both will stick together overcoming everything. Following you on GFC anf FB



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