Five Tips For Wearing Sweaters During The Summer

Only if necessary

Colorblock sweater / Wildfox Couture sweater / Line cashmere sweater / Oasis camisole tank top/ Oasis cropped trousers/ Dondup mini skirt/ Jean shorts.

Good morning y'all, 
          I hope you had a wonderful weekend. What did you do? 
My weekend was great as usual. I watched reruns  of Mistresses while cooking dinner. I had the house to myself. So it was very peaceful. While we are on the subject (weekend), let's talk about what to do when  you head either to the mall, your favorite restaurant, or the movies, and the place is ice cold. I have been known for carrying a jacket everywhere I go. I lived in New York for over 7 years, and if you live in NY , you cannot avoid riding the subways. And a ride from 34th street to 125th street (Harlem) can get really chilly. 
There are other reasons why you can wear a sweater or a heavy jacket during the summer; medical reason is one of them. Some people are just naturally cold. I say they have cold genes even if they are warmhearted. I have five tips for you to wear your sweaters without looking "weird" during the summer.

  1. Lightweight: Pick a lightweight, preferably cotton, or viscose materials.
  2.  Ease: Wear a sweater that is easy to remove.
  3. Coverage: Wear an undershirt or any fitted top in case you need to remove your sweater for warmer locations. There's nothing more uncomfortable than not being able to remove your extra layers when you are sweating.
  4. Storage: You may need a weekend bag big enough to carry your sweater, or you can just wrap it around your waist or your neck. 
  5. Keep Cool: A sweater of a jacket is all you need to keep warm at certain locations during  summer. Don't make wearing your sweater an all day thing.  
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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