How Are You Pairing Your Laces With Your Flower Prints?

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Wallis sleeveless top / Slim fit pants, $85 / Timeless nude wedge shoes, $71 / Big Buddha satchel hand bag / Jessica Simpson sunglasses / Forever 21 earrings

          Pairing flower prints with other garments layered with laces may seem overwhelming sometimes, but there is always a way to pair one or two pieces of laces with other prints. The secret lies in the way you pair your pieces. A pair of pants layered with lace flower prints would require a simple top, but a top with a different flower pattern and color would do just fine. If you wear a lace dress, you can also pair it with a pair of shoes with lace details as long as the lace only covers the heels or the platform parts of the shoes. Going for basic black or white lace details is ideal for those mixing lace and flower prints for the first time.

               Your thoughts: Have you tried mixing prints with laces? Did you like it?



  1. I really love lace + floral combo! It is very chic and classy!

  2. I have never seen wedge shoes like those. I love'm!


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