What Is CC Cream?

What's The Deal With CC Creams ?            We are moving down the list from BB to CC Creams. You probably already know all about the BB creams, which stand for blemish or beauty balm. Simply put, BB creams are tinted moisturizers. The CC cream, which is short for Color Correction or Color Control, was already popular in Asia before it was launched in the US this spring. Like BB creams, CC creams contain sunscreen and moisturizers. CC creams offer more pigments and a more matte finish, according to makeup artist, Pati Dubroff. CC creams offer full coverage like regular foundations. Finding a close color match is important to keep your skin looking even. Use a luminous cream blush or highlighter after applying the CC cream, as it may leave your skin looking flat.
             Do your own research or contact your beauty consultant to find the right match for your complexion.



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