How To Wash Your White Jeans

             We already are in the middle of September, which means Fall is almost here. I know some of you believe in putting your white jeans away until next year. But before you do, how about washing them the right way first? If your jeans are not made with 100% cotton, you should definitely avoid chlorine bleach because it can cause your jeans to turn yellow instead of keeping them white. Vaska Oxygen bleach is a great substitute.

                       Always use an additive-free bleach that will help keep the natural color of  your jeans. You should wash your white jeans as soon as they start to look dingy at the seams. The proper way to wash them is to add half a cup of White Brite to your washer and let them soak for about five minutes, then run the washer until your jeans are completely clean. Remember to turn your jeans inside out before putting them in the washer for proper cleaning. You should also air dry your jeans whenever possible to minimize shrinkage.

I hope these tips were helpful!




  1. Great tips! I really wanna get some white jeans. xx


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