How To Wear Flower Prints During Colder Months

Who says you cannot wear flower prints during winter?

Hi Fashionistas, 
                Who says you can't wear bold flower prints during colder months? A flower print top can be worn as an accent piece during the Winter. Paired with any basic color like black, a flower top can bring your whole look alive. First, pick a printed top. Second, choose any pair of leather pants or skinny jeans.  Third, pick a pair of shoes that matches any color on the top. Then, accessorize appropriately. 

                 Forget about color blocking when wearing prints. It's always like freestyling  when wearing them. Prints are great for minimalists, because you can just pick a color and match  it with any color on the prints. So before you put all your Summer or Fall clothes away this coming winter, Think about ways that you can wear them without looking different. 

Your thoughts: Do you wear prints during the Winter?



  1. I agree! I am also in love with floral prints!


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