Movie Fashion. The Wolverine 3D Costumes

             Hi Beautiful ladies,
How was your weekend? Who doesn't like a half naked Hugh Jackman? I know I do! So August 28th was our 8th wedding anniversary and the AMC theaters provided us with some free VIP tickets to see the WOLVERINE 3D, which I  would love to add to my movie collection. Hubby was happy when I surprised him with the tickets. He thought that we were going to see TWO GUNS, which I would never forgive myself for not going to see. But he took a week off work to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and I thought that  seeing one of his comic book characters come to life was the best gift that I could ever give him.

              Beware of the girl with the red hair. Don't let the knee high "Gucci Boots" fool you. She is funny, smart, and dead serious. And did I mention that she can fight, too? Her and Logan (Hugh Jackman)  had great chemistry. And chemistry is what makes any relationship between a supporting actor and the star of the movie work; believable, I would say. Spoiler alerts! Okay. There is none. There was a happy ending. The movie was great. Just go see it! You won't be disappointed. I promise.



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