What To Wear To A Job Interview

"You have no style, no sense of fashion."
              You guys remember that line from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA?
Nowadays wearing a simple dark suit to a job interview just doesn't cut it for interviewers. Some employers want to see your own personality through the clothes that you wear. So wearing the uniform that most interviewees wear, does not tell them much about who you are. Wearing a suit does not mean you are serious about the position anymore. It looks like a cover-up sometimes. And most employers can see straight through  that.

               To keep it short, I suggest that you wear a conservative outfit that you are comfortable in. Remember to avoid jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, flip flops, short-short skirts, shorts, see-through tops, and other blouses that reveal too much cleavage. You cannot go wrong with a sheath little black dress paired with a wide belt, a cardigan and some kitten heels. A pencil skirt paired with a blouse and a blazer or cropped jacket, with a pair of pumps will work, too. You can always substitute the skirt for a pair of tailored pants if you want, which will look great with platform heels.
               Whatever you choose to wear to your next job interview, remember the interviewer will be looking at you from head-to-toe. So make sure your whole look is well put together. Your clothes should be clean and ironed. Keep your colors as neutral or basic as you possibly can, and don't forget to ask questions.



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