20 Random Facts About Nerline Germain

Hi Fashionistas/Beauty Experts/Hair Lovers,
          I was tagged by the lovely Katara, whom I discovered has so much in common with me. She wants me to tell the world 20 random facts about me. If I tag you, you better write a post, or I will hunt you down:-)
1) I speak 3 languages ( French, English, Creole), but you already knew that. I am from Haiti, for pig's sake.
2) I get sick when I eat ice cream, even during the summer.
3) I skipped two grades in Elementary school.
4) I met my husband online. Duh! I don't go out much. Where else?
5) I am right-handed, but I use the left side of my brain more.
6) I love to read instructions before putting something together.
7) I was not born in a hospital. No wonder I love to stay home.
8) I hate it when people just pop up on my doorsteps. You have a cellphone, use it!
"I was in the neighborhood."
"yeah, that doesn't mean I want to see you."
9) I have so many brothers and sisters in so many different states and countries, sometimes I lost count.

10) My walk-in closet is my favorite room in the house. I love to spend time with my shoes:-)
11) I love dogs, but I hate having them in my house. 
12) I love being alone.
13) I am a perfectionist. I hate mediocrity. 
14) I love horses, but I have never been on one.
15) My favorite color is purple. Can you tell?
16) I cry when I fail at something.
17) Getting my driver's license was the hardest thing that I had to do emotionally; even harder than giving birth.
18) I don't think women should do heavy lifting; giving birth is hard enough.
19) I can read people.
20) I am so good at remembering names.

       Did you learn something new about me? I sure hope so. Leave a comment below if I said something that puzzled you. 

I am tagging: 

KLP Saving Our Strands
Diana Ashuayem Effortless Lady



  1. Interesting woman!!!!!!
    I love: I am a perfectionist. I hate mediocrity.
    Have a relaxing sunday Nerline!!!!

  2. Great post. I'm a perfectionist too and I hate when people just turn up at my door. Thanks, for taking part.


  3. I thought 4 was going to happen to me, I do not go out much. I hate doing 6. I'm with you on 8, and 12. I used to be 13a until I had kids :-( . 16 me too. Do not agree with 18 lol, I used to be so good at 19. Was so good at 20 till I came to the UK and had kids ;-)

  4. lol! no 17 was funny. and you are SMART, lady! you speak 3 languages and u skipped 2 grades at elementary school? dats cool. no 19 got me curious lol. u said it in such a matter-of-fact, blunt way!
    anyway great post babe

  5. Don't worry Fola, I can only read you face to face.

  6. You think woman should do heavy lifting, Onyeka? Having children does change a lot. Doesn't it?

    1. Yup. What a man can do.......my folks raised me to think that way. Lol. I'm a 'Tomgirl' or so I like to think.

  7. My best friend is Haitian. I learned some really neat things about you. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to read what KLP writes. I'm not familiar with Effortless Lady but will be looking forward to her responses as well.
    Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

  8. I am sure your friend is sweet J C. Thanks for your comment, and for following me on facebook also. I cannot wait to read KLP's facts either.

  9. Wow, those are neat random things abt you!! I nvr knew creole ppl really had there own dialect. I love to read as well. These were very interesting facts to learn abt you. Thanx for sharing.

  10. WOW nice to finally meet you :-) I've defo learnt a lot...You had me with number 8 though, hahahahhaa!! Love it!



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