7 Things I Love About Fall Comment Box Tag

1. The Cool Weather

Happy Fall Guys, 
             I would be such a hypocrite if I did not write a post about Fall. My favorite season of them All. The first thing I love about Fall is how the leaves change color before they touch the ground. They go from green, to yellow, to orange, to red, to brown, before they all fall down. Some of the leaves turn from green to orange first depending on the amount of  Carotenoids they contain, but let's leave all chemistry behind as we enjoy the cool weather. Below are the things that I love to eat and do during the Fall season.  It's a comment box tag. So leave a comment below if you want to join the fun.

2. Pumpkin & Apple Picking

3. Halloween


 3. Fall Reading

4. Pumpkin Soup

5. Pumpkin Pie

6. Crocheting

7. Fall Outfits

I am tagging

ALL of my faithful readers.

Leave a comment below if you have any Fall favorites. 




  1. Lovely post! I've never actually eatten "pumpkin" anything, this might be the year! haha xx

    Fernanda | Ferdie's Beauty Finds

  2. Love, love, LOVE Halloween! I start planning my costume as soon as July ends. Another great thing about fall is of course the pumpkin pie, couldn't agree more with you!

    Sex w. Candy

  3. Oh yeaaa the leaves! Love em too...-Haven't eaten pumpkin before though. How does it taste like?



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