Crochet Braids With QUE by Milky Way Human Hair MasterMix 1B

Hey guys,
         Please don't judge my makeup. I am  trying here:-)
 So I had this hair laying around for almost a month now, and I have decided to get a fresh look. My natural hair was breaking, shedding, and taking too much of my time. I got tired of all the braiding, twisting, and caring for it.
         It took me almost two days to get my hair to look like that. Not because it takes that long to install crochet braids, but you know when you have children. You have to stop whatever you are doing to tend to them.  Anyway, I am glad it is all over. And the best thing is......hubby loves it. He loves it a little too much.

no makeup:-) haha!

          I really like this hair. I don't love it . It is not 100% human hair. It is 50/50; that's why they call it mastermix. This hair is a little bit too soft for my taste. The one thing that I love about it is the fact that you can sew it into nice weave pieces because of the way it was packaged to avoid tangles. I wish I had thought about that before completing the crochet braids. You can also use it for micro braids if your hair is straight.

         What have you been up to with your hair?  Any relaxer, big chop, highlights, or extensions lately?

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  1. Hello) I nominated You for Liebster award (though it may sound quite strange). Details on the link, this isn't spam)

    Liebster award & Mnogogrannosti

  2. Just got Braids.....but i love your hair.
    Did you install them yourself?

  3. I think this hair looked perfect on you! I just found about your blog today and I found it very fun, would you be interested in following eachother? Have a lovely day,

  4. I just made a quickweave/wig for the exact same reason - wanted a break from all the upkeep. I've never tried crochet braids before though. It turned out well.

    Oh, and I think your make up looks nice too! :)

  5. I love extensions!!!
    You can try these "mastermix"!!!!
    Kisses in fashion babe!

  6. I installed them myself, Patience. The last time I let somebody touch my hair was when I was pregnant with my son That was 6 years ago:-)

  7. Hey Tatiana,
    God, I love your name.
    Thanks for nominating me, dear. I feel honored. I cannot wait to answer the questions. Thanks again!

  8. I was just going to say they loook like your real hair, i had to go back and read carefully! Good human hair The color suits you well


  9. Thank you for lovely comment on my blog! I'd like to follow each other. I follow you hope you follow back

  10. Very cute protective style! I may have to look into crochet braids and see if it's something I can do myself!

  11. Just got my hair done as be killin my hair real bad here too. Love your style, looking beautiful! :-)


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