Hot Hair Links Weekly Roundup 10/19/2013

Hi Fashionistas/Hair Lovers/Beauty Enthusiasts,
       Today is Saturday and you know what time it is . It is time to link you to some of the hottest hair sites I've visited during the week....
Is 100% Length Retention Possible? 
        You tell me! 3 quick and easy tips on how to retain the length of your hair - by the natural Haven.
Heatless Curls Using… Bubble Wrap?
         If you need and alternative to curling irons, you have to see this video. Just when I thought bubble wraps could only be used to protect my fine china set!
       Have you tried honey as a deep conditioner yet? Follow this DIY honey recipe for soft and shiny hair.
 How to get the perfect high ponytail
        Marianna Hewitt explains how to get the perfect ponytail on straight hair.
How to Get the Perfect High Ponytail
How to Get the Perfect High Ponytail
How to Get the Perfect High Ponytail

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  1. have awesome blog.. Want to follow eachother?? Let me know i alwz follow back. :)

  2. Thanks for this post. The length retention is well timed for me. I think my decision to go for long term protective styles is good for my hair after all.

  3. Hello friend, thanks for commenting on my blog, I put your outfit in LOOK 10 can you suggest any special photo of your style?, I hope your suggestions.
    And again thank you very much

  4. Thanks for sharing the links..always good to see what others are up to!

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