Hot Hair Links Weekly Roundup 10/11/13

5 Things Your Mama Didn't tell you about your hair. In this mini ebook, Cassandre Beccai explains how to recover from damaged relaxed hair and how to retain length. Download your copy. It is free!

Hot Hair: Heat Styling Without Damage. Lesly Buckle from  Fresh Lengths gives tips on how to heat style your hair without causing any damage to your strands. It's funny how we know exactly what not to do, but we do it anyway because we get so careless sometimes.
What To Expect From A Brazilian Blowout. Find out what a Brazilian blowout is and what it can do to your hair. Learn all the tips and tricks from A-Z.
Seasonal Shedding? I Am Not About That Life. We all experience hair shedding more often than normal at one point in our lives. Hair sheds because of different reasons. Are you experiencing seasonal shedding? Learn what one blogger is doing to stop it.




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  4. These are tricks everyone should know about (at least those who are in need of such advices) :) Thanks for sharing :) Also thanks for lovely comment. I follow back via gfc #119 and bloglovin #60. xx


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  8. Thanks for linking up chica! Our mama's didn't teach us but we'll surely teach our little ones!

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