How To Find The Perfect Anorak Jacket


             Let's face it, an Anorak jacket is not something that you will wear often. You will probably wear it a few times during the cooler months. So you don't need to have 2 or 3 in your closet. One perfect Anorak jacket is all you need.
              The perfect Anorak Jacket should be versatile. It should be in a color that can be paired easily with  other colors. A neutral/basic color or small floral prints is ideal. An Anorak Jacket with removable hood and  either drawstrings or a belt at the waist is the ultimate catch. The first Anorak jacket I owned had all these features. The best part about it was that it was a 2-in-1. It was both a coat and a jacket.The only thing missing was the roll up sleeves with the snap buttons.

What to wear with your Anorak Jacket

                What to wear with your Anorak jacket depends on the occasion. Either you are going to work, on a date, or you are just spending a weekend with friends, the picture above  gives you an idea on how to style your Anorak jacket. Add pump heels or wedge shoes to your look if you want to get all dressy for the occasion. The best thing is to feel comfortable in whatever you're wearing.




  1. Aamzing selection.... I love the beige one!!!!
    Kisses Nerline!!

  2. Amazing selection!!! I love the beige one!!!
    Kisses Nerline!

  3. Hey Alex! Long time no hear. Don't be such a stranger.

  4. the perfect Anorak can dfinitely be hard to find. we tend to find that alot of them are too big or long for shorter peollike us!

  5. MK, I hate the ones that are longer than our LBDs.

  6. This post is very useful and it will definitely help me! Great blog by the way!

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