Mary Kay Compassion Creme Lipstick Review

             I bought this product over two months ago, but getting the right picture for this post was not easy. Besides, I love to use my products for at least a month before reviewing them.  I paid $13.00 for a 0.13 oz tube. I was a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant back in 2003, so I know their products. I know what works and what doesn't, unless it is a completely new product, in which case I have no idea what to expect. Well, in this case I did not know what to expect from this lipstick. I am more used to the lipsticks with  the matte effect.

 Product Claim
               This long-wearing, stay-true formula glides on easily with a lightweight, creamy texture for rich color impact that lasts. Plus, it won't feather or bleed. • Vitamin E and a Vitamin C derivative help defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals. • Provides instant moisture. • Suitable for sensitive skin. • Clinically tested for skin irritation and allergy. • Fragrance-free.

My Personal Opinion

  • Great color
  • Moisturizing
  • Hides flaws
  • Goes on easily
  • It doesn't last
  • Too expensive
  • It bleeds
The bottom line 
            I was expecting more for my money. The long-wearing claim is false. The lipstick did not pass the glass test. You know how you take a sip from your drink and there's minimal lipstick stains on the glass? That did not happen. The lipstick was all over my glass. The product does go on easily. It is lightweight, and the moisture is incredible, but I am not impressed. I would not recommend this product to my readers. No good!



  1. Amazing shade, I love the color on your lips!!!!!
    Happy monday my dear!

  2. Wow! Fantastic lipstick colour! I like it! : )

  3. Very honest review; I do like Mary Kay products but have never used their lipsticks before. So, I will put this to mind when shopping next time.

  4. You should try it, Beauty. It is very moisturizing.

  5. I hate it when lipstick bleeds, Nice review dear.


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