My weight Loss Journey: Eating Soups To Lose Weight

 Hi guys,
          This is a quick update on my weight loss journey. My knees feel better now and I have been walking again. I have eliminated bread from my diet completely, but I ate the last Pizza slice from my freezer after walking 5 miles. That's bad, right? Right!
          Anyhow, I have discovered skills and hidden talents that I did not know I had since I started this diet. I have discovered the inner chef in me. Chef  Gordon Ramsay ain't got!
I created this spinach and potato soup (pictured above) 2 weeks ago, and I cannot wait to make it again. Soups like this one have a lot of benefits when trying to lose weight:
#1. You get more vitamins and nutrients because you are using mostly fresh vegetables.
#2. They are easier for your body to digest and process because of their liquid form.
#3. They contain less calories than other food like pasta and rice.

 You will need:
  • Water
  • Spinach
  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Ground beef burger patty (ies)
  • Onions
  • Cooked brown rice
  • Cooking oil
  • Salt & pepper
  • Goya seasoning, and 1 chicken bouillon cube*
*I know some of you don't know what on earth a chicken bouillon  cube is; so I added a picture for you.
               I am from the Caribbeans where we don't measure our ingredients, unless we are baking cakes or cookies. We add our condiments as needed, which requires a lot of tasting. That's why we get full before we're done cooking. I started out by cooking the spinach in a sauce pan. While the spinach was cooking, I used a different pan to cook the other ingredients, except for the burger patty. Try to add the onion, tomatoes, and mushrooms last, as they take less time to cook.  I was looking for some meatballs to add to the soup, but I could not find any. So I decided to use a ground beef burger patty. Cook the burger patty in a skillet on medium heat using a little bit of oil and  some Goya seasoning. Cut the burger patty into medium pieces after it's done cooking and add it to the other ingredients. Add the spinach  and the cooked brown rich to the mix also. Now that you have all your ingredients in one pan, add salt as needed. And voila!

             You don't have to use all the ingredients that I used. As you can see, I substituted burger patties for meatballs. You can substitute cooked brown rice for wheat elbow macaroni pasta if you want. I hope your soup turns out healthy and tasty as mine did.




  1. This soup looks yummy!!!
    Tnx for sharing and tnx so much for your lovely comment!!!
    Happy sunday doll!

  2. Lol @ getting full before you are done cooking. Same applies to Nigerians. Good you are pushing hard on your weight loss journey. Keep going dear!! I love potatoes too.

  3. Looks delisch!! You're really doing well Nerline. I need to work hard on my diet, but I'm moving alot though. :-)


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