Would You Wear Your Undergarments As outerwears?

            I love the idea of wearing an undergarment as an outerwear. I believe that you can style it in a way where you don't have to reveal too much. I don't know if I would ever try it, being the conservative that I am when it comes to fashion, but I think that it looks great on some women. Okay, I would try it if I have a blazer jacket over it.....like Kim is wearing it below with the fur coat.

                                                           Kim looks classy.

          Would you wear an undergarment as an outerwear? If you are a fashion blogger, Would you post it on your blog?
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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  1. I'm not sure about undergarments, but I can wear (if my husband allows me) a onesie or a well made pajamas/nightwear. Hand on heart, I was just about to write a post on the onesies I just recently got from the shops!

  2. No mam, I won't..lol

  3. i don't think i would wear my undergarments as outerwear...
    interesting post :)

    NEW POST :)
    xoxo ♥

  4. I do not like the trend but I do love to wear lacy camisoles underneath my blazers sometimes and some of these camisoles do look like underwear sometimes. Kind of confusing...:)

  5. great article!


  6. Lovely trend, i have buyed a baby doll to wear like a dress.... I will try soon!!!!
    Kisses my dear!

  7. They're call an undergarment for a reason, lol!! I don't mind styling it like Kimmy has, but it has to be a decent, not too revealing undergarment. :-) - probably style it with a blazer and buttom it, lol!!