Hair Crush: Jada Pinkett Smith's Jumbo Side Cornrow HairStyle

I love this picture of Jada's hairstyle so much, I decided to recreate it. See how great it looks on her? Keep reading to see my recreation:-)


The Verdict: 

           Before you say anything, what are we going to do with that forehead? I love the hairstyle, but it is not for me. The back is nice. The front looks like it's missing something, like some side twists or a certain  je-ne-sais-quoi:-)

              What do you think?



  1. Ha, I have a lot of forehead space too! It looks cute to me. How did you create the back?

  2. you did a very good and neat job.

  3. @Neisha,
    I created a long extension by braiding kanekalon hair. I added hair until I got the desired length. I created the swirl using bobby pins

  4. Looks great, good job.;-)

  5. I think you did a great job. It actually looks very nice!

  6. Really Pretty Look! :D I might just have to copy it!


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