Hot Hair Links Weekly Roundup 11/16/2013

 Hi Fashionistas/Hair Lovers/Beauty Enthusiasts,
            I cannot believe it is already Saturday morning. If you don't speak hair, there are a few hair terms that you probably never heard of; co-washing might be one of them.

1-- 20 cleansing conditioner perfect for co-washing. 20 great conditioner for co-washing? I had no idea there were so many.  Actually I thought any conditioner was a great conditioner.

2--30 days of GIVEAWAYS.Have you been unlucky at winning anything? Now you have 30 days to win cool stuff.

3-- Vertual makeover app. We cannot talk hair without talking makeup. This cool makeup app will not only give you some makeup tips, it will also give you an idea what different foundations will look like on your skin complexion.

4-- 10 Hairstyling Shortcuts that will save your hair.

5--How to maintain healthy ends. Split ends no more. These tips will help you put an end to split ends.

 I am linking to: Saving Our Strands




  1. i can't remember the last time i had split ends, but i`ll have a look

  2. Really interesting!!! I'm a hair lover!!!!
    Kisses my dear and happy sunday!

  3. Really neat post! Thanks for stopping by! And just followed you back! :) can't wait for more posts! :)


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