Shopping Experience: My First Trip To

            I took a little trip to back in August because it was my sister's birthday and I wanted to buy her something nice to go party. Unfortunately the shoes did not fit her. I ended up keeping them and giving her something else. Winning! I paid $42.27 plus tax, minus shipping because shipping is free for members on orders over $35.00.

Lulu Townsend Bellow Platform Sandal: for me ($79.00 originally)

The site
  • Very easy to navigate 
  • Easy to become a member and receive rewards (members get free shipping, $5 OFF on occasion, accumulate points every time you shop)
  • Easy to shop ( they let you know if shoes are available in WIDE or MEDIUM on the first page)
  • Easy checkout 
  • Occasional emails about deals and offers
Shopping experience:
  • Fast shipping with return labels.
  • Great packaging
  • Excellent Products
  • Affordable

Lulu Townsend Veronica Sandal: for my sister (originally $49.00)

My sister's pair became my favorite

The bottom line
          I would definitely recommend to my readers. I have not encounter any problems with them yet. So the customer service might suck, but the shopping experience was good.

Would you try this site?



  1. Cute heels! I love dsw, I have ordered most of my shoes from there since the stores here don't carry much! Plus if your a rewards member you always get soo many coupons in the mail! Love dsw! :)

  2. Love the shoes, very beautiful.

  3. this sounds awesome I need it :)
    thanks for the review and visiting me

  4. I never been gotta check them out now

    My blog here

  5. Seja bem vinda! ;)

    Ótima quinta!

    Beijo! ^^

  6. I love DSW! I've always shopped in stores though, never online. I think I'll give their online site a try sometime!

  7. you should give it a try. You save gas and the free shipping works.

  8. I love their shoes...very nice and affordable too! I've shopped there once. The only thing I hate is the fee one pays when you order from abroad. lol!!

  9. I LOVE DSW! I am so happy that now members can form a wishlist. Literally, DSW is a godsend!


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