What To Wear To A Funeral

What to wear to a funeral

              I know the answer may sound easy, but some of us have no idea what to wear to a funeral. In Haiti, wearing red to a funeral means  you killed the person; at least everyone attending will  assume that you did. Also, If you are part of a grieving family, you have to wear black; this way, attendees will know who to offer their condolences to.

Your outfit does not have to be black, but it has to be respectful.
            Although you cannot go wrong with black, there are other colors that you can wear to a funeral.  A funeral is the saddest moment in a friend's life. So be respectful by wearing toned-down clothing in dark neutrals,  navy blue, brown, and forest green.  Avoid wild patterned outfits and vivid colors like red, orange, yellow, and yellow green.  

             No flashy jewelry. Wear pearls and stud earrings, when in doubts. It is appropriate for women to wear hats, but is not required. Make sure your skin is covered from the neck to your knees. 

Additional tips: 
            Shame on you if you don't have a little black dress in your closet, or a full black skirt. I went to my sister's funeral wearing a full black skirt and a fitted black blouse. Somebody stole the skirt after the funeral. I must have looked good:-)

            Please let me know below if this post helped you in any way.  What would you wear to a funeral?
Nerline Germain
Nerline Germain

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