Celebrity Look: Alicia Keys In Stella McCartney Gold-Belted Yellow Gown

Alicia keys
              Alicia Keys decided to brighten everybody's night at the ARIA Awards in Sydney. I really love that dress on her, although I am not sure about the color choice for the occasion/season. I love how she kept her accessories to a minimum. The hair-do is my favorite.

 What do you Think?
Stella McCartney Gold-Belted yellow Gown



  1. I loveee it. She looks stunning and so radiant.

  2. She looks gorgeous ..and regarding the color for the season, in Sydney they are backwords..while most countries are in winter, they´re getting ready for summer...probably is really sunny in Sydney Right now..so Alicia is just perfect in yellow

  3. Alicia Keys is killing it in that dress!

  4. She looks amazing! And her body looks crazy! Her stylist did an amazing job.

  5. Stunning from head 2 toe! :)


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